Anke Brock Chargé de Recherches (INRIA)

Équipe LaBRI : Image et Son
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Extrait de publications

Jérémie Garcia, Luc Chevrier, Yannick Jestin, Anke Brock. HandiFly: towards interactions to support drone pilots with disabilities. CHI'19 Extended Abstracts, May 2019, Glasgow, United Kingdom

Anke Brock, Jessica Cauchard, Markus Funk, Jérémie Garcia, Mohamed Khamis, et al.. iHDI: First International Workshop on Human-Drone Interaction. CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems Extended Abstracts, May 2019, Glasgow, United Kingdom

Faustina Hwang, Joanna Mcgrenere, David Flatla, Anke Brock. Overview of ASSETS 2018: Celebrating Our 20th Conference. Newsletter ACM SIGACCESS Accessibility and Computing. 2019

Julie Ducasse, Anke Brock, Christophe Jouffrais. Accessible Interactive Maps for Visually Impaired Users. Edwige Pissaloux; Ramiro Velazquez. Mobility in Visually Impaired People - Fundamentals and ICT Assistive Technologies, Springer, 2018

Emeline Brulé, Gilles Bailly, Anke Brock, Annie Gentes, Christophe Jouffrais. An Exploratory Study of the Uses of a Multisensory Map—With Visually Impaired Children. Multimodal Technologies and Interaction, MDPI, 2018, 2 (3), pp.36

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