DGCI home 10th Int. Conf. on Discrete Geometry for Computer Imagery

Wednesday April 3

8h30-9h00: registration

9h00-9h30: welcome

Invited lecture

9h30 Walter G. Kropatsch
  Abstraction Pyramids on Discrete Representations

10h30-10h50: coffee break

S1. Topology

10h50 Ullrich Köthe
  XPMaps and Topological Segmentation - a Unified Approach to Finite Topologies in the Plane

11h15 Grit Thürmer
  Curves in $
\mathbb {Z}

11h40 J. C. Ciria, E. Domínguez and A. R. Francés
  Separation Theorems for simplicity 26-surfaces

12h05-14h00: lunch

S2. Combinatorial Image Analysis

14h00 C. J. Gau and T. Yung Kong
  4D Minimal Non-Simple Sets

14h25 Luc Brun and Walter Kropatsch
  Receptive fields within the Combinatorial Pyramid framework

14h50 Christophe Lohou and Gilles Bertrand
  A New 3D 6-Subiteration Thinning Algorithm based on P-simple Points

15h15 Yuqing Song and Aidong Zhang
  Monotonic Tree

15h40-16h10: coffee break

S3. Morphological Analysis

16h10 Vincent Agnus, Christian Ronse
  Topological Reconstruction of Occluded Objects in Video Sequences

16h35 Jose Crespo, Victor Maojo, José A. Sanandrés, Holger Billhardt and Alberto Muñoz
  On the Strong Property of Connected Open-Close and Close-Open Filters

17h00 Pierre Soille
  Advances in the analysis of topographic features on discrete images

Thursday April 4

Invited lecture

9h00 Alfred M. Bruckstein
  Digital Geometry for Image-Based Metrology

S4. Shape representation

10h00 Grégoire Malandain and Jean-Daniel Boissonnat
  Computing the Diameter of a Point Set

10h25-10h45: coffee break

10h45 Lluís Ros, Kokichi Sugihara and Federico Thomas
  Shape Representation Using Trihedral Mesh Projections

11h10 Guillaume Damiand and Patrick Resch
  Topological Map Based Algorithms for 3D Image Segmentation

11h35 Jovisa Zunic
  On Characterization of Discrete Triangles by Discrete Moments

12h00-13h45: lunch

13h45-15h15: Poster session

P00 Jasmine Burguet and Rémy Malgouyres
  Multi-scale discrete surfaces

P01 Kokichi Sugihara
  Invertible Minkowski Sum of Polygons

P02 S. Chastel, P. Colantoni and A. Bretto
  Displaying Image Neighborhood Hypergraphs Line-Graphs

P03 Franck Hétroy and Dominique Attali
  Topological Quadrangulations of Closed Triangulated Surfaces using the Reeb Graph

P04 Ida-Maria Sintorn and Gunilla Borgefors
  Weighted distance transforms for images using elongated voxel grids

P05 Javier Cortadellas, Josep Amat and Manel Frigola
  Robust Normalization of Shapes

P06 Joakim Lindblad and Ingela Nyström
  Surface Area Estimation of Digitized 3D Objects using Local Computations

P07 Philippe Carré and Eric Andrès
  Ridgelet Transform based on Reveillès Discrete Lines

P08 Mohammed Mostefa Mesmoudi
  A Simplified Recognition Algorithm of Digital Planes Pieces

P09 A. Frosini and G. Simi
  The reconstruction of a bicolored domino tiling from two projections

P10 Rémy Malgouyres
  A Discrete Radiosity Method

P11 Leila De Floriani, Mostefa Mohammed Mesmoudi, Franco Morando and Enrico Puppo
  Non-Manifold Decomposition in Arbitrary Dimensions

P12 Pieter P. Jonker
  Morphological Operations on Recursive Neighbourhoods

15h30-late: Visit to Saint-Émilion and gala dinner

Friday April 5

Invited lecture

9h00 Gabor T. Herman
  An Abstract Theoretical Foundation of the Geometry of Digital Spaces

S5. Models for Discrete Geometry

10h00 Peter Veelaert
  Concurrency of line segments in uncertain geometry

10h25-10h50: coffee break

10h50 Michel Couprie, Gilles Bertrand and Yukiko Kenmochi
  Discretization in 2D and 3D orders

11h15 Eric Andrès
  Defining Discrete Objects for Polygonalization: the Standard Model

11h40 David Coeurjolly
  Visibility in Discrete Geometry: an application to discrete geodesic paths

12h05-14h00: lunch

S6. Segmentation and Shape Recovery

14h00 Jocelyn Marchadier, Didier Arquès and Sylvain Michelin
  Thinning grayscale well-composed images: a new approach for topological coherent image segmentation

14h25 Lilian Buzer
  An incremental linear time algorithm for digital line and plane recognition using a linear incremental feasibility problem

14h50 J. Starck and A. Hilton
  Reconstruction of animated models from images using constrained deformable surfaces

15h15 E. Balogh, A. Kuba, A. Del Lungo and M. Nivat
  Reconstruction of Binary Matrices from Absorbed Projections

15h40: conference closing

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