An alternative proof for the Hoare logic rule for while loops

The usual approach to proofs by induction is to make sure arguments that the arguments of the inductive predicate are variables, using equalities This technique is used in the proof of HoareWhileRule in the book.

An alternative approach is to make sure the arguments of the proof occurs in the goal. Try proving the theorem HoareWhileRule using such a method. Here is the context of the proof and the statement of the theorem.

Section little_semantics.

Variables Var aExp bExp : Set.

Inductive inst : Set :=
| Skip : inst
| Assign : Var->aExp->inst
| Sequence : inst->inst->inst
| WhileDo : bExp->inst->inst.

  (state : Set)
  (update : state->Var->Z -> option state)
  (evalA : state->aExp -> option Z)
  (evalB : state->bExp -> option bool).

Inductive exec : state->inst->state->Prop :=
| execSkip : forall s:state, exec s Skip s
| execAssign :
   forall (s s1:state)(v:Var)(n:Z)(a:aExp),
     evalA s a = Some n -> update s v n = Some s1 ->
     exec s (Assign v a) s1
| execSequence :
   forall (s s1 s2:state)(i1 i2:inst),
    exec s i1 s1 -> exec s1 i2 s2 ->
    exec s (Sequence i1 i2) s2
| execWhileFalse :
   forall (s:state)(i:inst)(e:bExp),
    evalB s e = Some false -> exec s (WhileDo e i) s
| execWhileTrue :
   forall (s s1 s2:state)(i:inst)(e:bExp),
    evalB s e = Some true ->
    exec s i s1 ->
    exec s1 (WhileDo e i) s2 ->
    exec s (WhileDo e i) s2.

Theorem HoareWhileRule :
 forall (P:state->Prop)(b:bExp)(i:inst)(s s':state),
   (forall s1 s2:state,
      P s1 -> evalB s1 b = Some true -> exec s1 i s2 -> P s2)->
   P s -> exec s (WhileDo b i) s' ->
   P s' /\ evalB s' b = Some false.


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