This edition of the workshop is dedicated to Isabelle Attali, Tom and Ugo, the family of our friend and co-chair Denis Caromel. The three of them disappeared in Sri Lanka the 26th of december 2005 when it was hit by the tsunami.

International Workshop on Javatm for Parallel and Distributed Computing

Held in conjunction with  the
International Parallel 
Distributed Processing Symposium 

(IPDPS 2005)
(April 3-8, 2005,
Denver, Colorado, USA) 

Monday, April 4, 2004


9H00 Beginning of workshop
9H00 Welcome, Opening Remarks and Overview of the Workshop 
Serge Chaumette
9H15 Invited Session : To be announced
10H00 Break
10H30 Session 1: Peer-to-Peer and Opportunistic Computing 

P2PDisCo - Java Distributed Computing For Workstations Using Chedar Peer-to-Peer Middleware 
Kotilainen Niko, Vapa Mikko, Weber Matthieu, Töyrylä Joni and Vuori Jarkko

Bioinformatics on a Heterogeneous Java Distributed System 
Andrew J. Page, Thomas M. Keane and Thomas J. Naughton

Asynchronous Peer-to-Peer Web Services and Firewalls 
Alexandre di Costanzo, Aleksander Slominski, Dennis Gannon and Denis Caromel

12H00 Session 2: Applications, tools and libraries

A Comparison of MPI and Process Networks 
Thomas M. Parks

12h30 Lunch
13H30 Session 3 : novel applications

A Grid Certificate Authority for Community and Ad-hoc Grids  
Gregor von Laszewski and Mikhail Sosonkin

Secure distributed computing on a Java Card Grid 
Serge Chaumette, Pascal Grange, Achraf Karray, Damien Sauveron and Pierre Vigneras

14H30 Break
15h00 Session 4: Communication 

Effective and Efficient Communication in Grid Computing with an Extension of ProActive Groups 
Laurent Baduel, Francoise Baude, Nadia Ranaldo and Eugenio Zimeo,

Designing Efficient Java Communications on Clusters 
Guillermo L. Taboada, Juan Touriño and Ramón Doallo

16H00 Session 5: Applications, tools and libraries II

JSDESLib: A Library for the Development of Discrete-Event Simulation Tools of Parallel Systems 
Lums F. W. Góes, Christiane V. Pousa, Milene B. Carvalho, Luiz E. S. Ramos and Carlos A. P. S. Martins

Possibilities to solve the clique problem by thread parallelism using task pools 
H. Blaar, M. Karnstedt, T. Lange and R. Winter

17H00 Open Discussion
18H00 End of workshop