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  1.  Evaluation of OpenMP Dependent Tasks with the KASTORS Benchmark Suite
    P. Virouleau, P. Brunet, F. Broquedis, N. Furmento, S. Thibault, O. Aumage, and T. Gautier
    In 10th International Workshop on OpenMP, IWOMP2014, 10th International Workshop on OpenMP, IWOMP2014, p. 16 -- 29, Salvador, Brazil, France, Sep. 2014 Springer
    [Paper] [VirBruBroFurThiAumGau2014IWOMP]

  2.  StarPU-MPI: Task Programming over Clusters of Machines Enhanced with Accelerators
    C. Augonnet, O. Aumage, N. Furmento, S. Thibault, and R. Namyst
    Rapport de recherche RR-8538, INRIA, May 2014
    [Paper] [AugAumFurThiNam2014RR]

  3.  Overview of Distributed Linear Algebra on Hybrid Nodes over the StarPU Runtime
    E. Agullo, O. Aumage, M. Faverge, N. Furmento, F. Pruvost, M. Sergent, and S. Thibault
    Feb. 2014
    [Paper] [AguAumFavFurPruSerThi2014Siam]


  1.  StarPU-MPI: Task Programming over Clusters of Machines Enhanced with Accelerators
    C. Augonnet, O. Aumage, N. Furmento, R. Namyst, and S. Thibault
    In S. B. Jesper Larsson Träff and J. Dongarra, editors, EuroMPI 2012, volume 7490 of LNCS Springer, Sep. 2012
    Poster Session
    [Paper] [AugAumFurNamThi2012EuroMPI]


  1.  ForestGOMP: an efficient OpenMP environment for NUMA architectures
    F. Broquedis, N. Furmento, B. Goglin, P.-A. Wacrenier, and R. Namyst
    International Journal on Parallel Programming, Special Issue on OpenMP; Guest Editors: Matthias S. Müller and Eduard Ayguade, 38(5):418--439, 2010
    [Paper] [DOI] [BroFurGogWacNam10IJPP]

  2.  hwloc: a Generic Framework for Managing Hardware Affinities in HPC Applications
    F. Broquedis, J. Clet-Ortega, S. Moreaud, N. Furmento, B. Goglin, G. Mercier, S. Thibault, and R. Namyst
    In Proceedings of the 18th Euromicro International Conference on Parallel, Distributed and Network-Based Processing (PDP2010), p. 180--186, Pisa, Italia, Feb. 2010 IEEE Computer Society Press
    [Paper] [DOI] [BroCleMorFurGogMerThiNam10hwloc]


  1.  Finding a Tradeoff between Host Interrupt Load and MPI Latency over Ethernet
    B. Goglin and N. Furmento
    In Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Cluster Computing, New Orleans, LA, Sep. 2009 IEEE Computer Society Press
    [Paper] [DOI] [GogFur09Cluster]

  2.  Memory Migration on Next-Touch
    B. Goglin and N. Furmento
    In Proceedings of the Linux Symposium, p. 101--110, Montreal, Canada, July 2009
    [Paper] [GogFur09OLS]

  3.  Dynamic Task and Data Placement over NUMA Architectures: an OpenMP Runtime Perspective
    F. Broquedis, N. Furmento, B. Goglin, R. Namyst, and P.-A. Wacrenier
    In Evolving OpenMP in an Age of Extreme Parallelism, 5th International Workshop on OpenMP, IWOMP 2009, volume 5568 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science, p. 79--92, Dresden, Germany, June 2009 Springer
    [Paper] [DOI] [BroFurGogNamWac09Iwomp]

  4.  Enabling High-Performance Memory-Migration in Linux for Multithreaded Applications
    B. Goglin and N. Furmento
    In MTAAP'09: Workshop on Multithreaded Architectures and Applications, held in conjunction with IPDPS 2009, Rome, Italy, May 2009 IEEE Computer Society Press
    [Paper] [DOI] [GogFur09LinuxMigration]


  1.  NewMadeleine: a Fast Communication Scheduling Engine for High Performance Networks
    O. Aumage, E. Brunet, N. Furmento, and R. Namyst
    In CAC 2007: Workshop on Communication Architecture for Clusters, Long Beach, California, USA, March 2007
    Also available as LaBRI Report 1421-07 and INRIA RR-6085
    [Paper] [Abstract] [AumBruFurNam07CAC]


  1.  ACI Grid'5000, Site de Bordeaux
    A. Denis, N. Furmento, G. Mercier, and R. Namyst
    In PaRISTIC : Panorama des Recherches Incitatives en STIC, Nancy, Nov. 2006
    [Paper] [DenFurNam06Expgrid]

  2.  Efficient runtime systems for grids
    A. Denis, N. Furmento, and R. Namyst
    In EXPGRID, Experimental Grid testbeds for the assessment of large-scale distributed applications and tools, Workshop held in conjunction with the 15th International Symposium on High Performance Distributed Computing (HPDC-15), Paris, June 2006
    [Paper] [DFN06a]

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