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Position: Associate professor (since 1996) at Bordeaux INP, ENSEIRB-MATMECA,

Research institute: LaBRI, CNRS UMR 5800, Université de Bordeaux,
351, Cours de la libération, F-33 405, Talence cedex, France
Team : Formal methods, Project PoSET

Contact : janin(at)labri.fr or +33 540 00 69 16

And also:
Temporary researcher fellow (12 months, 09/2013-08/2014) at CNRS INS2I
Temporary researcher fellow (6 months, 09/2014-02/2015) at INRIA Bordeaux
Member of the Association Française d'Informatique Musicale (AFIM)
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Birooted word languages * Audio application*
Language logical definability * Written in french *
Functionnal programming * Walking automata
for birooted graphs
Overlapping tiles in
Birooted tree and their languages *
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Project INEDIT ANR-12-CORD-009:

with IRCAM (Paris), GRAME (Lyon) and SCRIME (Bordeaux)

Applied inverse and quasi-inverse semigroup theory:
overlapping higher-dimensional strings and their languages

  • Inverse semigroups ? See Mark Lawson's book, or, for a start, wikipedia.

The T-calculus in Euterpea

Playing with tiled extensions of Paul Hudak's Polymorphic Temporal Media

Live Tuiles

Towards an interactive live music sequencing software that integrates tiles algebraic structure; in joint work Florent Berthaut@hitmuri.net

Music, Arts and Science (various workshops)

  • Journées Math'n'pop du GDR Esthetique, Arts et Science (ESARS)
  • ACM Workshop on Functional Art, Music, Modeling and Design (FARM)
  • Journées d'Informatique Musicale (JIM) suported by the french association AFIM

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