About me

I am currently a PhD student at LaBRI and the University of Bordeaux, under supervision of  Arnaud Casteigts.
I'm part of the Combinatorics and Algorithms research team and, more precisely, the Distributed Algorithms thematic group.
I also teach various classes related to computer science, at the University of Bordeaux.

I obtained my master's degree in Theoretical Computer Science at the University of Bordeaux in September 2017.
Before that, I worked with Arnaud Casteigts on a well-known combinatorial problem under specific mobility restrictions, the Vector Racer TSP.
I have since been accepted as a PhD student on another subject of his, including mobility models, distributed algorithms and dynamic graph classes, namely :
Collective mobility of autonomous agents and induced dynamic graph.

My main research interests are dynamic graphs, mobility models, networking, distributed algorithms, communication and connectivity.

Affiliations :  
Laboratory : Laboratoire Bordelais de Recherche en Informatique
Research team : Combinatorics and Algorithms
Thematic group : Distributed Algorithms 
Thesis Advisor : Associate Professor Arnaud Casteigts
ANR project : ESTATE : enhancing safety and self-stabilization 
                       in time-varying distributed environments
Teaching institution : University of Bordeaux : Science and Technology

Education :  
Thesis (2017-2020, LaBRI) : Collective mobility of autonomous agents 
                            and induced dynamic graphs
Master's Degree (2017, University of Bordeaux) : 
                            Theoretical Computer Science
Internship (2017, LaBRI) : Vector Racer TSP

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