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I receive requests on a regular basis from various agencies/committees. I also participate in a number of program committees of conferences. Here is a selection of (more or less) recent requests.

Reviews of project proposals



Hiring committees

– 2014 –

– 2013 –

– 2011 –

– 2009 –

– 2008 –

– 2007 and earlier (Commissions de spécialistes pluri-annuelles) –

Journals and Program committees

Over the years, I have had the opportunity to serve on numerous program committees and for numerous journals. I will only list here those concerned with my activities in Information Visualization, with most selective conferences first. Also, the list only includes major events (discarding minor workshops).

On average, per year, I review about 5 journal papers and 20 conference papers.


Program committees

(Note: not all conferences host a website with information on previous events.)



HDR (Habilitation)

7 times as reviewer (rapporteur) and 4 times as jury member (examinateur)


29 times as external reviewer (rapporteur) and 15 times as jury member (examinateur), including 9 times as chairman of the jury (président) and 8 times on committees abroad; a few times as local faculty member (bottom of list)