A new version of the Scipy Lecture Notes has just been released. These are a consistent set of materials to learn the core aspects of the scientific Python ecosystem, from beginner to expert. They are written and maintained by a set of volunteers and published under a CC-BY license. We hope that you will find these notes useful, for you, your colleagues, or your students.


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    G. Varoquaux, E. Gouillart, O. Vahtras, V. Haenel, N. P. Rougier, R. Gommers, F. Pedregosa, Z. Jedrzejewski-Szmek, P. Virtanen, C. Combelles, D. Pinte, R. Cimrman, A. Espaze, A. Chauve, and C. Burns, Scipy Lecture Notes. Zenodo, 2015.