What is Computational Reproducibility? O. Guest, N.P. Rougier, IEEE CDS Newsletter, volume 13, number 1, 2016.

Computational modelling is the process by which phenomena found in complex systems are expressed algorithmically. The creation of such simulations is useful because it allows us to test whether our understanding is sophis- ticated enough to create credible working models of the phenomena we are studying. In neuroscience and cognitive science especially, computational modelling comprises more than just capturing a single phenomenon, it also implements a theory. It gives scientists a method of allowing their ideas to be executed, i.e., for emergent properties to appear when they are implemented and run (McClelland, 2009). In this context, a model is said to be replicable if experiments within it can be carried out successfully using the original codebase, with the implicit assumption that such a codebase is available.

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