Antoine Rollet

  • Associate Professor (HDR) at ENSEIRB-MATMECA engineering school (Bordeaux, France)                            
  • Researcher at LaBRI, University of Bordeaux
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    I am Associate Professor (with french HDR) at ENSEIRB-MATMECA french engineering school (Bordeaux, France), member of the computer science department. I am researcher at the LaBRI, the computer science laboratory of the University of Bordeaux, member of the Formal Methods team. I obtained a PhD in computer science in 2004 at the University of Reims, France, and HDR (french) habilitation in 2018 at the University of Bordeaux. I am obtained Engineer diploma in computer science from the ESSI engineering school (University of Nice Sophia-Antipolis, France) in 2002.

    Research Interests

    My research domain is Formal methods. More specifically, I am working on software testing and runtime verification, applied to complex systems (for exemple embedded or real-time systems).


    I am teaching computer science at ENSEIRB-MATMECA. I am responsible of managing the sofware engineering projects (PFA) in the computer science department. My lectures mainly concern software testing, formal methods, networks, protocols design, functional programming, object oriented programming.


  • mail: antoine.rollet -AT-

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  • LaBRI: (+33) 5-40-00-69-08
    ENSEIRB-MATMECA: (+33) 5-56-84-60-55

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  • LaBRI:
    bureau 115
    351 cours de la libération
    Domaine universitaire
    33405 Talence Cedex

    bureau 218
    1, Avenue du Docteur Schweitzer
    Domaine Universitaire - BP 99
    33402 Talence Cedex