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Robert Strandh


TCA-101 2001-2002 The "Computer Science" part of the course TCA-101 taught for the first-year students.

TFP/T 2001-2002 The "methods and techniques" part of the course "Techniques et Fondement de la Programmation" (Roughly: The Theory and Practice of Programming).

AMP 2001-2002 Architecture et Microprocesseurs (Computer Architecture and Microprocessors).

Langages EnchÔssÚs 2001-2002 (Embedded Languages) This course is taught at the ENSERB in collaboration with David Sherman.

Free Software

An article that argues that Unix (and in particular Linux) is prefereble to NT for servers.

An article that explains the succes of free software.

The Eclipse Window Manager

Here is a compressed tar file of the window manager Eclipse (snapshot of 2001-10-26) written entirely in Common Lisp by a group of students of the 4th year CS program here in Bordeaux as part of their second-semester programming project.

If your Lisp installation gives a segment violation when running Eclipse, you might have a buggy version of CLX. In that case, add this file called patch-xlib.lisp to the Eclipse directory and replace the existing file called system.lisp with this one.

The Gsharp Score Editor Project

We are working on implementing Gsharp , an interactive editor for standard music notation.
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