Abstracts for the LGTDS workshop

ICGT Conference , Barcelona, October 2002

Specification and verification using Message Sequence Charts

Anca Muscholl

LIAFA, case 7014
Université Paris-7
2 place Jussieu
75251 Paris Cedex 05, France


In this talk we present an overview of recent results on the use of Message Sequence Charts (MSC) as a graphical specification formalism for communicating distributed processes. We consider several questions concerning the expressivity of the model and algorithmic verification of properties.

We first present the class of finite-state high-level MSCs, that exhibits tight connections with Mazurkiewicz traces, [1]. For this class, Mukund et al.[4] and very recently Kuske [1] showed the equivalence between definability in monadic
second-order logic and acceptance by message passing automata.

In the second part we consider infinite-state high-level MSCs and the realizability by message passing automata. We present subclasses of infinite-state high-level MSCs that can be realized by such automata with or without deadlocks. These results extend recent work of Alur et al. [1]  and have been presented at ICALP'02, [2].


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