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A combinatorial approach to the separation problem for regular languages

Date 2014-12-04  14:00-16:00
TitreA combinatorial approach to the separation problem for regular languages 
RésuméThe separation problem, for a class S of languages, is the following: given two input languages, does there exist a language in S that contains the first language and that is disjoint from the second language? For regular input languages, the separation problem for a class S subsumes the classical membership problem for this class, and provides more detailed information about the class. This separation problem first emerged in an algebraic context in the form of pointlike sets, and in a profinite context as a topological separation problem. These problems have been studied for specific classes of languages, using involved techniques from the theory of profinite semigroups. In this thesis, we are not only interested in showing the decidability of the separation problem for several subclasses of the regular languages, but also in constructing a separating language, if it exists, and in the complexity of these problems. We provide a generic approach, based on combinatorial arguments, to proving the decidability of this problem for a given class. Using this approach, we prove that the separation problem is decidable for the classes of piecewise testable languages, unambiguous languages, and locally (threshold) testable languages. These classes are defined by different fragments of first-order logic, and are among the most studied classes of regular languages. Furthermore, our approach yields a description of a separating language, in case it exists.  
DoctorantLorijn van Rooijen 
Directeur de thèseMarc Zeitoun 

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