Evènement pour le groupe BioInformatique et Visualisation

Date 2015-04-09  11:00-12:00
TitreReconstruction of Metabolic Models, with applications to Biofuel and Biomining 
RésuméGenome-scale metabolic models are a powerful tool to study the inner workings of biological systems and to guide industrial applications. The advent of cheap sequencing has brought the opportunity to create metabolic maps of biotechnologically interesting organisms. I'll present several methods, both published and under development, that leverage this experimental data to reconstruct and validate metabolic models. I'll also show some of the models we have built using our methods, and their applications to biofuel production and biomining, both high priorities for Chilean biotechnology.  
Lieusalle 178, LaBRI 
OrateurNicolas Loira 
UrlCenter for Mathematical Modeling (CMM), University of Chile 

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