Evènement pour le groupe Algorithmique Distribuée

Date 2016-02-15  14:00-15:00
Titrek-Set Agreement with n ? k + 1 Atomic Read/Write Registers 
RésuméThe k-set agreement problem is a generalization of the consensus problem. Namely, assuming that each process proposes a value, every non-faulty process should decide one of the proposed values, and no more than k different values should be decided. This is a hard problem in the sense that we cannot solve it in an asynchronous system, as soon as k or more processes may crash. One way to sidestep this impossibility result consists in weakening the termination property, requiring that a process must decide a value only if it executes alone during a long enough period of time. This is the well-known obstruction-freedom progress condition. Consider a system of n anonymous asynchronous processes that communicate through atomic read/write registers, and such that any number of them may crash. In this paper, we address and solve the challenging open problem of designing an obstruction-free k-set agreement algorithm using only (n ? k + 1) atomic registers. From a shared memory cost point of view, our algorithm is the best algorithm known so far, thereby establishing a new upper bound on the number of registers needed to solve the problem, and in comparison to the previous upper bound, its gain is (n?k) registers. Joint work with M. Raynal and P. Sutra  
OrateurZohir Bouzid 

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