Evènement pour le groupe Algorithmique Distribuée

Date 2011-06-06  14:00-15:00
TitreBroadcasting on Large Scale Heterogeneous Platforms with connectivity artifacts under the Bounded Multi-Port Model 
RésuméWe consider the problem of broadcasting a large message in a large-scale distributed platform. The message must be sent from a source node, with the help of the receiving peers which may forward the message to other peers. In this context, we are interested in maximizing the throughput (i.e. the maximum streaming rate, once steady state has been reached). The platform model does not assume that the topology of the platform is known in advance: we consider an Internet-like network, with complete potential connectivity. Furthermore, the model associates to each node local properties (incoming and outgoing bandwidth), and the goal is to build an overlay which will be used to perform the broadcast operation. We model contentions using the bounded multi-port model: a processor can be involved simultaneously in several communications, provided that its incoming and outgoing bandwidths are not exceeded. It is also necessary to minimize the number of simultaneous connections that are opened at a given node (i.e., its outdegree). We also block the possibility of direct communication between some nodes to model NAT/firewall restrictions.  
Lieus. 178 
OrateurPrzemyslaw Uznanski 

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