Evènement pour le groupe BioInformatique et Visualisation

Date 2012-01-19  10:30-12:30
RésuméAttention deux exposés sont prévus : début à 10h30. --- Exposé de Nicolas Goffard (10h30) ---- Titre : An Integrative knowledge-based approach to biomarker discovery Résumé : The effectiveness of biomarker discovery can be advanced by integrating statistical and knowledge-based approaches. Here a functional mining will be presented as a precursor to biomarker discovery and as an integrative tool to inform signature model selection. --- Exposé de Carito Guziolowski (11h30) --- Titre : CONSTRAINT-BASED MODELING OF COMPLEX BIOLOGICAL NETWORKS Orateur : CARITO GUZIOLOWSKI, TIGA Center - Medical Systems Biology Group, Institute of Medical Informatics and Biometry, University Hospital Heidelberg, Im Neuenheimer Feld 267, 69120 Heidelberg, Germany. Résumé : An influence graph is an abstraction of a biological network that represents the interactions among the molecules of a system as discrete influences: signed and oriented edges. High-throughput measurements of the molecules in this system can also be discretized into natural up- or down-regulations. The Sign Consistency Model (Siegel et al., 2006) confronts an influence graph with the discretized measures of its molecules, by representing both information as a system of qualitative constraints. Thus, the combinatorial complexity of reasoning over a large-scale regulatory network can be approached by using efficient solvers over such a system of constraints. Currently, two computational frameworks, based on the Sign Consistency Model, exist: BioQuali (Guziolowski et al., 2009) and BioASP (Gebser et al., 2010). Both address and implement computationally complex queries confronting discrete regulatory networks with experimental data. In this talk I will present this modeling approach and its practical application to understand skin wound healing based on the automatical reconstruction of signaling pathways of the Hepatocyte Growth Factor (HGF). References Gebser, M., Ko andnig, A., Schaub, T., Thiele, S., and Veber, P. (2010). The bioasp library: Asp solutions for systems biology. In Tools with Arificial Intelligence (ICTAI), 2010 22nd IEEE International Conference on, volume 1, pages 383-389. Guziolowski, C., Bourde, A., Moreews, F., and Siegel, A. (2009). BioQuali Cytoscape plugin: analysing the global consistency of regulatory networks. BMC Genomics, 10, 244. Siegel, A., Radulescu, O., Le Borgne, M., Veber, P., Ouy, J., and Lagarrigue, S. (2006). Qualitative analysis of the relation between DNA microarray data and behavioral models of regulation 
Lieu178 (LaBRI) 
OrateurCarito Guziolowski et Nicolas Goffard, candidats 2012 
EmailAlmac Diagnostics et BioQuant Medical Systems Biology à Heidelberg 

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