Evènement pour le groupe Algorithmique Distribuée

Date 2012-06-25  14:00-15:00
TitreEvolutionary Dynamics on Undirected Networks  
RésuméEvolutionary dynamics have been traditionally studied in the contect of homogeneous populations, mainly described by the Moran Process. Recently, this approach has been generalized by Lieberman, Hauert and Nowak [Nature, 2005], by arranging individuals on the nodes of a connected directed network. Our work focuses on evolutionary models for undirected networks which seem to have a smoother behaviour. We present the first class of undirected graphs which act as suppressors of selection (i.e. have smaller fixation probability than the clique). We also show how to compute fixation probabilities in any undirected graph via a fully polynomial randomized approximation scheme. In addition we present a new alternative evolutionary model in which all individuals act simultaneously and the result is a compromise between aggressive and non-aggressive individuals. So, we consider also aggregation as opposed to "all or nothing" strategy implied by the generalized Moran process. This is recent joint work with (a)G. Mertzios, S. Nikoletseas and Ch. Raptopoulos [WINE 2011] and (b) with J. Diaz, L.A. Goldberg, G. Mertzios, D. Richerby and M. Serna [SODA 2012]. Intervenant: George B. Mertzios 
Lieus. 178 
OrateurGeorge B. Mertzios 
UrlDurham University, UK 

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