Evènement pour le groupe Image et Son

Date 2010-02-04  11:15-12:00
TitreA Model for Interactive Scores with Temporal Constraints and Logical Branching 
RésuméInteractive Scores (IS) are a formalism for composition and performance of musical pieces involving temporal structures and discrete interactive events. Current formalisms to write IS do not allow, as far as we know, to represent in the same structure temporal relations and logical branching. Using logical branching, one can model loops, performance of multiple instances of a box concurrently, and choice. On the one hand, simple logical structures can be represented by automata; on the other hand, IS including temporal relations by Hierarchical Time Stream Petri Networks. However, there is not a structure where one can simultaneously represent quantitative and qualitative temporal relations, hierarchy, logical branching, and non-deterministic choice. Our approach is to add logical conditions to the qualitative temporal relations proposed on Allombert's model [1], taking into account supple intervals only. We found out that logical branching is incompatible with rigid and semi-rigid temporal constraints. [1] A. Allombert. Aspects Temporels d'un Système de Partitions Numériques Interactives pour la Composition et l'Interpretation. Ph.D Thesis. Université de Bordeaux 1. 2009. 
OrateurMauricio Toro-Bermudez 

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