Modèles et Algorithmes pour la Bioinformatique et la Visualisation d'informations
Leaders: G. Blin (Team+CoBalt), S. Maabout (Deputy leader for Team), R. Bourqui (EVADoMe), M. Raffinot (CoBalt)
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The team MABioVis develops a scientific vision inspired by the synergy now taking place between information sciences, life sciences, social sciences and economics. The combination of experimental techniques for high-speed and advanced computational methods makes it possible to tackle problems of unprecedented size, and gives birth to scientific issues emerging in a variety of fields such as biology and quantitative geography.

In the different areas that we study, the data can be modeled by complex systems defined as sets of interacting entities. Members of the MABioVis team contribute to the development and study of formalisms, models and algorithms providing results on both extraction and data management, but also on the construction, analysis and understanding of these complex systems. The results obtained and the links with academic and industrial partners show that we have been successful at addressing this challenge in biology (life systems) and quantitative geography (urban networks).

Research themes:

Several members of our group are also a part of the INRIA and projects. Some members of our group are involved in the management of the Bordeaux Bioinformatics Center - (within the Bordeaux Functional Genomics Center) which is an ISO 9001 certified core facility. It provides access to biological data analysis and programming expertise as well as access to high-performance computing resources for wet labs. The resources serve scientists and private labs to master the bioinformatics needs of their research in an efficient and cost-effective manner. CBiB is recognized at the national and international levels as member of French Bioinformatics Institute (IFB).