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18 Décembre 2019 - Sujets de stages M2
La liste des sujets de stage pour le master 2 recherche est maintenant disponible.

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26 June 2020 - Projet Covid-nma

The battle against Covid 19 is a gigantic struggle, at the centre of the news. The LaBRI is taking part by participating in the Covid-nma project which, by integrating many data sources, enables the creation of a dynamic and interactive map of the clinical tests.

Contact: David Auber

09 June 2020 - Cough for Science project

If you want to contribute to the advance of science and the battle against the coronavirus, you can participate in the coughforscience project whose objective is to assist the diagnosis of COVID19 by sound.
It involves gathering sounds (breathing, coughing and speech) to constitute a database which will be used for the classification.

A site dedicated to this project, here.

Contacts: Myriam Desainte-Catherine and/or Pierre Hanna

28 May 2020 - EJCIM 2020 (Young Researchers in Mathematical Computing School)

EJCIM 2020 will take place in web-conference format spread over two weeks (mostly the mornings) from 8 to 19 June 2020. Registration is free but nevertheless required.
More information, here.

The school has been held every year since 1996 in different towns to bring together young researchers working in Mathematical Computing.
The school's principal objective is to contribute to a high level education for the young doctoral students, complementing that of their universities. This may be by bringing them up to date in some fields of their research or introducing them to new subjects. By presenting them with the state of the art in subjects close to their speciality, we give them tools to adapt better to varied environments (useful for instance before progressing to a postdoc), thereby contributing to their mobility.

Contact: EJCIM 2020

26 May 2020 - Bruno Courcelle has been awarded the «S. Barry Cooper» prize given by the Computability in Europe Association.

This prize aims to reward works providing «a wide understanding and a fundamental study on computability, thanks to excellent results, and establishing a theory likely to endure, exceptional services given to the concerned community or a combination of these elements. ».
Bruno Courcelle is the first to receive this prize. It recognises the whole of his work on second-order monadic logic applied to graphs structured in tree form and the construction of algorithms, and in particular, to the synthesis of these works published in a book written with J. Engelfriet (University of Leyden) entitled Graph structure and monadic second-order logic, 2012.

Contact: Bruno Courcelle

25 May 2020 - IWOCA 2020: 31st International Workshop on Combinatorial Algorithms – June 2020

IWOCA 2020 is maintained for the dates of 8 to 10 June 2020, but will be conducted as a visioconference. Registration is free but still obligatory.

Since its creation in 1989 under the name of AWOCA (Australasian Workshop on Combinatorial Algorithms), IWOCA offers an annual forum for researchers designing algorithms for the many combinatorial algorithms lying behind computing applications in the fields of science, engineering and business. Previous meetings of IWOCA and AWOCA have taken place in Australia, Canada, the Czech Republic, Finland, France, Indonesia, India, Italy, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, the United Kingdom and the United States. Previous IWOCA can be consulted here.
More information here.


05 March 2020 - 2020 Event: Convergence of Law and Digital

In this period when digital applications pose more and more ethical and legal questions, we will have the 2020 "Convergences du Droit et du Numérique", with an enlarged team. The aim: make computer professionals talk about law, and make lawyers talk about computing... and it works !
The 2020 event, like its predecessors, will be organised in two sessions:
• from 16 to 18 March 2020, athere will be a workshop allowing the joint exploration of three or four themes and the creation of transdisciplinary working partnerships;
• from 12 to 14 October 2020, there will be a colloquium for feedback from the work of these transdisciplinary working partnerships and their enrichment by the contributions of the participants.[[<<] See the site here.

Contact: Comité d’organisation

24 January 2020 - JCB 2020 (Bordeaux Combinatorics Days)

The 2020 meeting, will take place, as in all years, at the LaBRI, from Wednesday 5 to Friday 7 February 2020.
The Bordeaux Combinatorics Days are an annual occasion for information and exchanges between researchers in the discipline. These days will include around 15 scientific presentations, leaving time as usual for exchanges between participants.
Consulte the site here.

Contacts: Mireille Bousquet-Mélou and/or Yvan Le Borgne

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