15 septembre 2020 - Article dans Nature Communications

Loïc Paulevé (équipe MF) propose de « Concilier une modélisation qualitative, abstraite, et qui passe à l’échelle pour les réseaux biologiques ».
La prédiction de processus biologiques complexes, comme la différentiation cellulaire, nécessite la prise en compte de nombreux éléments moléculaires et génétiques.
Les réseaux booléens sont employés depuis plus de 50 ans pour modéliser ces systèmes.
Mais est-ce une bonne méthode ?

En savoir plus en lisant l’article, ici.

Contact : Loïc Paulevé

14 septembre 2020 - Le LaBRI participe à l'organisation de MediaEval 2020

Le consortium de laboratoires LaBRI, MIA et IMS/Faculté des sports organise la tâche de classification de vidéos sportives pour la campagne internationale MediaEval 2020.
Le but est de concevoir un système qui annote automatiquement les coups de joueurs de tennis de table à partir de vidéos.
Plus d'informations sur la page dédiée, ici.

Contact : MediaEval 2020

26 June 2020 - Projet Covid-nma

The battle against Covid 19 is a gigantic struggle, at the centre of the news. The LaBRI is taking part by participating in the Covid-nma project which, by integrating many data sources, enables the creation of a dynamic and interactive map of the clinical tests.

Contact: David Auber

09 June 2020 - Cough for Science project

If you want to contribute to the advance of science and the battle against the coronavirus, you can participate in the coughforscience project whose objective is to assist the diagnosis of COVID19 by sound.
It involves gathering sounds (breathing, coughing and speech) to constitute a database which will be used for the classification.

A site dedicated to this project, here.

Contacts: Myriam Desainte-Catherine and/or Pierre Hanna

28 May 2020 - EJCIM 2020 (Young Researchers in Mathematical Computing School)

EJCIM 2020 will take place in web-conference format spread over two weeks (mostly the mornings) from 8 to 19 June 2020. Registration is free but nevertheless required.
More information, here.

The school has been held every year since 1996 in different towns to bring together young researchers working in Mathematical Computing.
The school's principal objective is to contribute to a high level education for the young doctoral students, complementing that of their universities. This may be by bringing them up to date in some fields of their research or introducing them to new subjects. By presenting them with the state of the art in subjects close to their speciality, we give them tools to adapt better to varied environments (useful for instance before progressing to a postdoc), thereby contributing to their mobility.

Contact: EJCIM 2020

26 May 2020 - Bruno Courcelle has been awarded the «S. Barry Cooper» prize given by the Computability in Europe Association.

This prize aims to reward works providing «a wide understanding and a fundamental study on computability, thanks to excellent results, and establishing a theory likely to endure, exceptional services given to the concerned community or a combination of these elements. ».
Bruno Courcelle is the first to receive this prize. It recognises the whole of his work on second-order monadic logic applied to graphs structured in tree form and the construction of algorithms, and in particular, to the synthesis of these works published in a book written with J. Engelfriet (University of Leyden) entitled Graph structure and monadic second-order logic, 2012.

Contact: Bruno Courcelle

25 May 2020 - IWOCA 2020: 31st International Workshop on Combinatorial Algorithms – June 2020

IWOCA 2020 is maintained for the dates of 8 to 10 June 2020, but will be conducted as a visioconference. Registration is free but still obligatory.

Since its creation in 1989 under the name of AWOCA (Australasian Workshop on Combinatorial Algorithms), IWOCA offers an annual forum for researchers designing algorithms for the many combinatorial algorithms lying behind computing applications in the fields of science, engineering and business. Previous meetings of IWOCA and AWOCA have taken place in Australia, Canada, the Czech Republic, Finland, France, Indonesia, India, Italy, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, the United Kingdom and the United States. Previous IWOCA can be consulted here.
More information here.

Contact: iwoca2020@labri.fr

05 March 2020 - 2020 Event: Convergence of Law and Digital

In this period when digital applications pose more and more ethical and legal questions, we will have the 2020 "Convergences du Droit et du Numérique", with an enlarged team. The aim: make computer professionals talk about law, and make lawyers talk about computing... and it works !
The 2020 event, like its predecessors, will be organised in two sessions:
• from 16 to 18 March 2020, athere will be a workshop allowing the joint exploration of three or four themes and the creation of transdisciplinary working partnerships;
• from 12 to 14 October 2020, there will be a colloquium for feedback from the work of these transdisciplinary working partnerships and their enrichment by the contributions of the participants.[[<<] See the site here.

Contact: Comité d’organisation

24 January 2020 - JCB 2020 (Bordeaux Combinatorics Days)

The 2020 meeting, will take place, as in all years, at the LaBRI, from Wednesday 5 to Friday 7 February 2020.
The Bordeaux Combinatorics Days are an annual occasion for information and exchanges between researchers in the discipline. These days will include around 15 scientific presentations, leaving time as usual for exchanges between participants.
Consulte the site here.

Contacts: Mireille Bousquet-Mélou and/or Yvan Le Borgne

20 December 2019 - Mireille Bousquet-Mélou elected to the Academy of Science

The Academy of Science has just elected 18 new members. Among them, in the Mathematics section, Mireille Bousquet-Mélou (CombAlgo team) has been distinguished.
These results are soon to be ratified by an official decree of the President of the Republic. The admission ceremony for the newly elected members will take place on Tuesday 2 June 2020, at the Institut de France.
Press Release here.

Contact: Mireille Bousquet-Mélou

16 December 2019 - Visit to the LaBRI by a Japanese delegation from the University of Tsukuba, Friday 20 December 2019

On this occasion, there will be a workshop to present our respective work on themes related to AI. The objective of this meeting is to identify opportunities for future collaboration. Doctoral students from Tsukuba will be present. LaBRI doctoral students considering an external mobility are invited to take part.
Programme of the day, here.

Contact: Laurent Réveillère

25 octobre 2019 - Colloque BGW 2019 (Bordeaux Graph Workshop)

BGW 2019 est la cinquième édition d'un atelier international sur la théorie des graphes, organisé par l'équipe Graphes et optimisation du LaBRI. La première édition a eu lieu en 2010 en l'honneur d'André Raspaud.

L'objectif de cet atelier est de réunir des chercheurs de renom de la communauté graphique internationale pour une rencontre scientifique dans une ambiance conviviale. Son champ d'application comprend tous les domaines de la théorie fondamentale des graphes. Le programme scientifique comprend des exposés sur invitation (50 min) et des exposés (20 min).
Programme, ici.

Contact : Comité d'organisation

25 octobre 2019 - Une assemblée d’intelligences artificielles au service de la médecine

Jusqu’à présent, les méthodes d’Intelligence Artificielle (IA) n’arrivaient pas à extraire les nombreuses structures qui composent notre cerveau (plus d’une centaine) à partir d’une IRM. En effet, la complexité du problème mais également le peu de données d’entrainement disponibles mettaient en défaut les méthodes d’apprentissage profond. Afin de résoudre ce problème, des chercheurs du CNRS et des universités de Bordeaux et Valence (en Espagne) ont développé une nouvelle méthode reposant sur une assemblée d’intelligences artificielles. Inspiré par le fonctionnement d’un système parlementaire, les IA peuvent échanger des informations et participer à la prise de décision par vote. L’utilisation d’un grand nombre d’IA organisées en assemblée permet de simplifier le problème car chaque IA ne traite qu’une sous partie du cerveau mais également d’obtenir une meilleure décision finale car elle est basée sur le consensus de 250 IA.

Contact : Pierrick Coupé

09 July 2019 - New victory for the Rhoban team, world champion for the fourth successive time

After its triple world champion title (2016, 2017 and 2018), Rhoban has added a new star to its record in the KidSize humanoid robot category.
This year, it was in Sydney that the team defended its title and won a victory against the Chinese team.
The results are here.
The next championship RoboCup 2020 will be on home ground, in Bordeaux.

Contacts: Olivier Ly and/or Grégoire Passault

06 May 2019 - Hybrid upper member neuro-prostheses assisted by vision and video analysis

Next 24 May, at the UGECAM Aquitaine La Tour de Gassies, there will be a workshop involving multidisciplinary teams.
Supported by the CNRS RoBioVis project, within the programme « Osez Interdisciplinarité », in collaboration with the medical teams of the UGECAM Aquitaine La Tour de Gassies, the Percy Army Hospital Armées and with the Aquitaine ADEPA, multidisciplinary teams INCIA Hybride, Inria Flowers, LaBRI AIV are working on new generation robotic hybrid prostheses, guided by both vision and EMG.
More information and programme here.

Contact: Jenny Benois-Pineau

06 mai 2019 - Prochaine rencontre le 21/05/2019 pour l’Événement Art et Science : Cycle 5 \"Le Sens du Temps\" et Concert-rencontre du SCRIME

– 18h : Séminaire du cycle "Le Sens du Temps" - Salle Hémicyclia LaBRI - "Le temps et l'espace dans la partition musicale" par Dominique Fober
Comment la notation musicale s'adapte-t-elle aux besoins de la création contemporaine ? Comment de nouvelles formes de représentation peuvent-elles bousculer les frontières entre instrument et partition ? Comment écrire et décrire la dynamique des systèmes interactifs ? Ce sont quelques-unes des questions sur le statut de la partition contemporaine qui seront abordées par Dominique Fober, chercheur à Grame-CNCM.

– 19h : Concert-rencontre - Salle Hémicyclia - Archives du SCRIME – « A remonter le temps… » avec Jean-Michel Rivet
"C’est l'ascenseur libéré qui va au-delà du plafond, des ballons qui sautent d'un haut-parleur à l'autre, le train qui bat le rythme des rails avec une belle voix posée au bord du quai et pour finir quelques incongruités sur le modèle Rabelaisien..."

23 April 2019 - Multilayer networks and visualisation help in the work of investigation and analysis of criminal metworks

The GIP Research Mission Law and Justice has financed the AVRES project "Analyse et Visualisation des réseaux criminels de traite des êtres humains", led by Bénédicte Lavaud-Legendre of COMPTRASEC UMR 5114, and involoving thle LaBRI (Bruno Pinaud, Guy Mélançon).
This work, initiated in 2015-2016 by a PEPS IdEx (project TETRUM), interests the legal community (magistrates, investigtors) as is confirmed by the apparition of an article in the Figaro, ici.
This same work is at the origin of a valorisation project in common with AST (code name "IntuiNet") involving two young collaborators: Jason Vallet (doctor UB) and Norbert Féron (computing master). The project is aimed at developing a platform to enable analysis and visualisation of data in networks. The potential applications intended are analysis of criminal networks, analysis of social networks in the context of social innovation (in connection with the H2020 opencare project), economic intelligence (patent databases, with Gretha), and investigative journalism.

Bruno Pinaud and Guy Mélançon are also collaborating with the Lausanne criminal science school (a visit by Quentin Rossy next May financed by the LaBRI as an emerging action).

19 April 2019 - Blockchain Conférence, Tuesday 21 May, 6pm, at the LaBRI

Digital Aquitaine, the LaBRI, Inria Bx Sud-Ouest, Bordeaux INP, the CNRS, the CATIE, the University of Bordeaux and the IMS are organising a seminar on Blockchain Technology, on Tuesday 21 May at the LaBRI.
This technology, still young, but very promising will impact on the manner in which we share information. Thanks to its properties and highly decentralised aspect, it is possible to stock, execute and above all certify transactions.
However, Blockchain is only the concept, and there are many implementations, each giving rise to possibilities but equally problems to be resolved.

In the programme :
- " Voyage au centre de la Blockchain " by Nicolas Philippe, Responsable de département, CATIE
- " Blockchain : Plus qu'un buzz-word, de vrais usages ! " by Romain Queraud, Ingénieur informatique, CATIE
- " Si Blockchain est la solution, quel est le problème ? " by Laurent Réveillère, professeur des Universités, LaBRI
- With evidence from Happy Capital

Contacts: Laurent Réveillère (LaBRI) / Roxanne Villet (Digital Aquitaine)

04 avril 2019 - Visions scientifiques et artistiques du SCRIME #4, prochaine rencontre le 16/04/2019

Le temps perçu peut-il coexister avec le temps pensé, à la croisée de l'intelligible et du sensible? Jean-Louis Di Santo, compositeur et musicologue, nous apportera sa vision sur cette question à travers l'analyse d'une pièce musicale. En savoir plus ici.

Comme les fois précédentes, ce séminaire sera suivi d’un concert-rencontre. Animés par Jean-Michel Rivet, les concerts-rencontres du SCRIME proposent la découverte du travail d’artistes variés de musique électronique par l’écoute d’œuvres et l’échange avec le public.

27 March 2019 - Three LaBRI Researchrs in Aminer's AI top 100

An international Top_100_AI classification has recently been published by Aminer.
Laurent Simon in the AI category IA, Vincent Lepetit in the Computer Vision category and Meghyn Bienvenu in the Web and Knowledge Engineering category .

AMiner's annual list of the most influential researchers in artificial intelligence (AI) lists the world's best researchers in the AI domain. The list is determined in recognition of exceptional technical achievements having lasting contribution and impact in the research world.
In 2018, the winners are part of the most cited researchers whose articles have been published in the most important disciplines of their respective domain between 2007 and 2017.
The winners are determined automatically by the AMiner system in function of the number of citations obtained by their best publications. In particular, the "Artificial Intelligence" list classes researchers according to their number of citations between 2007 and 2017 in the AAAI and IJCAI conferences, regarded as the most important in the field.

26 March 2019 - Best Paper Award at STOC 2019

The article “The Reachability Problem for Petri Nets is Not Elementary” by Wojciech Czerwinski, Slawomir Lasota, Ranko Lazic, Jérôme Leroux and Filip Mazowiecki will receive the Best Paper Award at the 51st ACM Symposium on the Theory of Computing (STOC’19), which will take place from the 23rd to 26th June 2019, in Phoenix, AZ.

This work, financed in part by the ANR BraVAS project concerns Petri nets (or vector addition systems), a classical model of competition, largely studied and used in automatic verification, with numerous applications in modeling and in analysis of hardware systems, software, data bases, as well as in chemical, biological and economic processes .

Contact: Jérôme Leroux

08 mars 2019 - La reconnaissance de gestes sportifs appliquée au tennis de table

C’est le sujet défendu par Pierre-Etienne Martin (équipe I&S) lors de la demi-finale de Ma Thèse en 180s de l’université, qui s’est déroulée le 5 mars dernier. Pierre-Etienne faisait partie des 27 candidats sélectionnés, pour finalement n’être plus que 16 retenus. Prochaine étape : la finale prévue le 14 mars 2019.
Le but est de créer une interface sur laquelle joueurs et enseignants peuvent analyser la façon de jouer des participants. L'interface permettrait de segmenter et classifier automatiquement les coups effectués. Ainsi le profil du joueur peut être renseigné et l'enseignant peut adapter son cours pour améliorer au mieux ses performances.

Contact : Pierre-Etienne Martin

07 mars 2019 - Visions scientifiques et artistiques du SCRIME #3, prochaine rencontre le 19/03/2019

Comment nous construisons-nous une représentation des événements qui occurrent, quelle structure lui donnons-nous et quel est le rôle joué par la quantité d'information?
Frédéric Bimbot, informaticien, nous apportera sa vision et ses questions sur ce sujet dans le cas de la musique.
En savoir plus, ici.

Comme les fois précédentes, ce séminaire sera suivi d’un concert-rencontre. Animés par Jean-Michel Rivet, les concerts-rencontres du SCRIME proposent la découverte du travail d’artistes variés de musique électronique par l’écoute d’oeuvres et l’échange avec le public.

07 mars 2019 - Le LaBRI participe à la semaine des maths avec une séance ciné-rencontre

Le 12 mars à partir de 19h dans l’amphi, le LaBRI fera une projection gratuite du film documentaire AlphaGo, suivie d'une discussion sur le thème de l'intelligence artificielle avec Fan Hui, personnage principal du film et triple champion européen du jeu de go, et Olivier Claverie, président du club Kitani de Bordeaux.

Inscription gratuit mais néanmoins obligatoire ici.

Initiation au jeu de Go à 17h au LaBRI. Programme de cette journée, ici.

Contact : Hervé Hocquard

25 février 2019 - Sensibiliser les étudiants au plagiat, tel est l’enjeu de Subpoena

Si l’on s’amusait à résumer le « serious game » Subpoena, voici les mots que l’on utiliserait pour le définir : jeu mais aussi outil d’apprentissage, permettant de prendre conscience de la frontière entre inspiration et plagiat.
Subpoena est le premier jeu utilisant le moteur SEGMent2, développé au SCRIME (LaBRI) grâce à un financement de l'IdEx, dans l'objectif de pouvoir fabriquer facilement des jeux sérieux. Subpoena a été créé au SCRIME dans un partenariat avec un projet collectif des bibliothèques universitaires de Bordeaux, de Pau et de La Rochelle, coordonné par le service de coopération documentaire de l’université de Bordeaux.

Accéder au jeu ici.

12 février 2019 - Le LaBRI partenaire d'un projet de recherche avec Ubisoft

Le projet de recherche, nommé Kiwi, vient d’être signé, pour une durée de 4 ans avec l’entreprise Ubisoft (soutenue par la région Nouvelle-Aquitaine). L’Inria Bordeaux-Sud-Ouest, le Catie, le Cnam-Cedric (Angoulême) et le LaBRI sont partenaires dans cette opération.
L’objectif de cette collaboration est de relever des défis technologiques sur un ensemble de domaines liés à l’automatisation des simulations interactives évolutives en temps réel et à l’analyse du joueur ou de la joueuse et de son comportement.

Contact : Laurent Simon

11 février 2019 - Une carte interactive des formations pour aider les candidats à faire leurs choix sur Parcoursup

Ce nouvel outil va permettre aux candidats de découvrir l’ensemble des formations proposées sur Parcoursup et ainsi d’affiner leurs recherches de manière simple et intuitive, en saisissant des mots clés, des filières de formations et/ou en sélectionnant une zone géographique précise.

Voir communiqué de presse, ici.

08 février 2019 - Visions scientifiques et artistiques du SCRIME, prochaine rencontre le 19/02/2019

Ce cycle est une série d'événements associant des visions scientifiques issues de diverses disciplines et des visions artistiques sur "Le Sens du Temps".
Dans ce cadre, Laurent Demany (psychophysicien à l’INCIA INP) donnera un séminaire ayant pour titre : « Le liage de sons successifs par le système auditif ».
Comment notre oreille contribue-t-elle à la structuration des événements que nous percevons dans le temps pour leur donner un sens? Laurent Demany nous apportera sa vision et ses questions sur ce sujet. En savoir plus, ici.

Ce séminaire sera suivi d’un concert-rencontre. Le SCRIME et Jean-Michel Rivet invitent Stereotop : musique électronique improvisée par Gaël Jaton et Nicolas Merle. Puis présentation de leur matériel conçu par leur soin et de leurs démarches créatives ; échanges avec le public.

07 février 2019 - A travers un ciné-rencontre, le LaBRI participe à la semaine des maths

Lors de la journée inaugurale de la semaine des maths dont le thème cette année est "Jouons ensemble aux mathématiques", nous organisons le 12 mars à partir de 19h (amphi du LaBRI), une projection gratuite du film documentaire AlphaGo, suivie d'une discussion sur le thème de l'intelligence artificielle avec Fan Hui, personnage principal du film et triple champion européen du jeu de go, et Olivier Claverie, président du club Kitani de Bordeaux.

Inscription gratuite, mais néanmoins obligatoire, ici.

Contact : Hervé Hocquard

07 février 2019 - Le LaBRI très présent à Dagstuhl

Le LaBRI est bien représenté à Dagstuhl cette semaine, que ce soit par des membres actuels, des anciens doctorants, professeure invitée ou collaborateurs (co-coordination) dans des projets européens.
Bruno Pinaud et Guy Melançon sont co-organisateurs d'un séminaire "Visual Analytics of Multilayer Networks Across Disciplines" et Laurent Simon participe au séminaire "Bringing CP, SAT and SMT together: Next Challenges in Constraint Solving".

Contacts : Bruno Pinaud et/ou Guy Mélançon et/ou Laurent Simon

07 février 2019 - 11e Journées de Combinatoire de Bordeaux (JCB 2019)

Les onzièmes journées de combinatoire de Bordeaux (JCB 2019) se tiendront au LaBRI du lundi 11 au mercredi 13 février 2019.
Comme chaque année, ces journées rassemblent des combinatoristes répartis sur tout le territoire, géographique comme thématique : 15 exposés de recherche couvrant un large spectre des objets et méthodes de la combinatoire seront proposés aux participants.
Programme ici.

Contacts : Mireille Bousquet-Mélou et/ou Yvan Le Borgne

28 janvier 2019 - Le LaBRI s’implique dans l’organisation du prochain congrès de la SIF 2019, à Bordeaux

La SIF (Société Informatique de France) organise son Congrès 2019, au cœur du campus universitaire de Talence (à l’Enseirb-Matmeca), les 6 et 7 février prochains.
Comme tous les ans, le Congrès de la SIF a pour ambition de faire se rencontrer et interagir les acteurs de la vie académique (enseignants, chercheurs, étudiants…), les membres de la société civile et du monde économique (ingénieurs, consultants…) et les décideurs et responsables institutionnels, autour de grands thèmes liés à l’informatique et à son développement.
Le thème de cette édition 2019 s’intitule « les données ».
Programme ici.

Contacts : Olivier Baudon et/ou Damien Magoni

03 January 2019 - Art and Science Event: \"The Sense of Time\" and SCRIME concert-meeting, free entry

On Januar 15 2019, at 6pm, in the LaBRI amphi, Jean-Marc Chouvel will give a seminar whose title is: "La conscience du temps est-elle informatisable?".
It will address the mechanisms of our consciousness which contribute to our structuring of events perceived in time so as to give them sense. Jean-Marc Chouvel, composer and musicologist will offer us his vision and his questions on this subject.

The seminar will be followed by a concert-meeting (in the Hémicyclia room). SCRIME and Jean-Michel Rivet have invited Octandre.
- concert: diffusion of acousmatic pieces by Victoire Cid and Paul Husky.
- meeting: a presentation of their works and creative methods and exchanges with the public.

26 November 2018 - Participation of LaBRI researchers in the 12th economic convention of the town of Talence

On 29/11 at 7pm, at the UGC cinema in Talence, some of our LaBRI colleagues, creators of start-ups (notably SImbals and NFC-i) will be participating in this event, in the presence of Emmanuel Sallaberry, Mayor of Talence and Marc Labourdette, Economy vice-mayor. This convention is an opportunity to look at an annual account of the economic activity of the town, look at current projects and present the town's economic actors.

Contact: Serge Chaumette

22 November 2018 - LaBRI Participation at the ZZ Festival

On the afternoons of 23 and 24 November 2018, the LaBRI will be present at Hangar 14, to give demonstrations of drones and robots which clean up green spaces. Indeed, they are not just toys, they even collect your rubbish!
Come to the demonstrations of drones which might be used in the near future.
This novel and free experience will be one of the highlights of the ZZ Festival, Zero rubbish Zero waste, organised by Bordeaux Métropole.

Contact: Serge Chaumette

13 November 2018 - Gérard Berry is giving his first course of the year: Where is Computing going?

Gérard Berry, who holds the chair "Algorithms, Machines and languages" of the Collège de France, will give his first course of the year 2018-2019 : "Where is Computing going?", in Talence (Agora Haut Carré), on Thursday 13 December at 4pm.
His course will be followed by a seminar run by Yves Bertot (Inria Sophia-Antipolis) and Pierre Castéran (LaBRI) from 5:30pm.
The course and the seminar are open to all. Nevertheless registration is preferable.
For more information and to register see here.

Contact for the Coq seminar: Pierre Castéran

09 October 2018 - 13th international CRISIS (International Conference on Risks and Security of Internet and Systems), at Arcachon from 16 to 18 October 2018

Over the years this conference has established itself as a reference in the security of systems, networks and applications.
Open systems, their interconnection and their uses make them more and more the prime targets of attacks of all kinds. Securing them, detecting attacks on them and designing effective solutions to install counter-measures are permanent challenges. New technologies and new attacks linked with cybercriminality necessitate theoretical and practical research

Contacts: Akka Zemmari and/or Mohamed Mosbah

05 October 2018 - The LaBRI on show at the Fête de la Science

The LaBRI will be holding open day for a wide public of school students, for the Fête de la Science, which will take place from Monday 8 to Friday 12 October 2018.
Come and discover the various workshops on offer during this event.
We will welcome you, subject to availability of places.

See the program of the workshops here.

Contact: Auriane Dantès

13 September 2018 - NFC-I, a LaBRI start-up, established in Montreal

After two missions undertaken to Toronto and then Montreal, under the auspices of the New Aquitaine Region, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Bordeaux Métropole's FrenchTech and CCI Internationale, NFC-I, a LaBRI start-up, has been selected by the largest nursery in Montreal, the Centech (Centre d'Entrepreneurship Technologique) connected with l’ETS (Ecole de Technologie Supérieure) which has more than 10,000 students,about 650 doctoral students and 200 researchers.
The society thus has available an office in Montreal and is starting a 12 week acceleration programme which should lead to its effective installation across the Atlantic between now and the end of the year.
NFC-I is also continuing its growth, and has just recruited a Marketing and Communication agent and a Business Developer.

Contact: Serge Chaumette

04 September 2018 - IRIM 2nd on INS task at TRECVID2018

The IRIM consortium of the GDR ISIS groups several French laboratories and has participated for many years in the international evaluation campaign TRECVID.
This campaign is devoted to research in automatic segmentation, indexing, and context-based retrieval of massive video datasets. One of the tasks, INS « Instance Search » consists of finding persons in predefined contexts inside these massive video datasets (475K shots for a total length of 435 hours this year).

The IRIM consortium coordinated by the LABRI (Boris Mansencal, Jenny Benois-Pineau), with help of LIMSI, finished, for the second time, 2nd out of 7 international teams in this INS task in 2018.

Contacts:Boris Mansencal and/or Jenny Benois-Pineau

13 July 2018 - The idex awards its 2018 science and technology prize to a Progress doctoral student

Joachim Bruneau-Queyreix (Progress team) has received the University of Bordeaux, science and technology prize, for his work on multi-criteria optimisation of streaming vidéo in the internet Future Media.
He will give a presentation of his thesis work to the Bordeaux university doctoral students, at their year start ceremony, on 6 december next.

Contact: Joachim Bruneau-Queyreix

12 July 2018 - A prize at the ACM MMSys 2018 conference, Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Simon Da Silva, a Progress team doctoral student, presented an article and gave a demo at the 23rd Packet Video Workshop (PV'18) of the ACM MMSys (Multimedia Systems) 2018 conference, in Amsterdam (Netherlands).
The article's title is: MUSLIN: Achieving High, Fairly Shared QoE Through Multi-Source Live Streaming. It is the fruit of a collaboration between five researchers of the Progress team (S. Silva, J. Bruneau-Queyreix, M. Lacaud, D. Négru, L. Réveillère).
The objective of this work is to improve the diffusion of video flux in real time (live streaming). For this, the solution of multi-source diffusion MS-Stream, developed in the Progress team, is used in combination with algorithms for dynamic provision and assignment of video content servers. This streaming system allows a significant improvement in the quality of expérience of users while reducing the infrastructure costs for the content provider compared with current solutions.
For this work, these five researchers won the prix Excellence in DASH Award, third place, awarded by the DASH-IF. This prize rewards research work and potential applications in the streaming video industry (Netflix, YouTube, Twitch, etc.).

Contacts: Simon Da Silva and/or Daniel Négru

29 juin 2018 - Rhoban defends its title of worl champion and … adds a new star to its record

While the human football world championship is under way, the cheers can be heard in other venues. The Rhoban team of robot footballers, double world champion (in 2016 and 2017), defended its title at Robocup 2018, held this year in Montreal.
For the third consecutive year, it received the title of world champion with its KidSize humanoid robots.
This new victory can only enthuse and encourage dans le succès qui est le leur, d’autant plus que la ville de Bordeaux a été choisie pour accueillir la RoboCup 2020.

Contacts : Olivier Ly et/ou Grégoire Passault

19 June 2018 - It's official, the 2020 RoboCup will be in Bordeaux!

The international RoboCup committee announced the news, on Monday 18/06 from Montreal where the RoboCup 2018 is currently taking place.
It is now official, the city of Bordeaux has been chosen to host RoboCup, the robot world cup, in 2020.
A few figures: 45 countries will be represented, 450 teams (researchers, students, companies), 5000 robots will confront each other for a week in various disciplines: football, catastrophe rescue, industrial logistics, personal assistance; 3500 participants and also 40000 visitors.
The organisation committee for this candidature, of which Olivier Ly is one of the principal contributors, can be congratulated for this excellent news for Bordeaux and the LaBRI Rhoban.

See the press release here.

Contact: Olivier Ly

4 June 2018 - The SCRIME is organising a series of events

The SCRIME Arts and Sciences Cycles are annual events where the various research and creation projects in which the SCRIME is involved, are presented to an audience of professionals, and our partners. It is an opportunity to demonstrate over several days the progress of some of the projects which have occupied the last year. This event is also open to the public subject to availability of places.

29 May 2018 - Parcoursup : visualisation of candidates' choices

This interactive map uses technology for treatment and visualisation of massive data developed at the LaBRI. It allows geolocalisation of candidates' confirmed choices. In the case of selective courses, only choices which have a positive response are shown.

Contacts: David Auber and/or Hugo Gimbert

05 avril 2018 - First results from the X-pulse project

The first X-ray image has been obtained in the X-Pulse project in Vincent Beaudoux's doctoral research supervised by Guillaume Blin and Christina Zacharatou (Institut Bergonié) which aims to find an alternative to laser based mammography.
The X-Pulse project aims to develop a novel system of medical imagery by X-rays using intense lasers of strong mean power, for an application in early detection of breast cancer. This project, financed by the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region and the FEDER, brings together a consortium of doctors, radio therapists, researchers and engineers (ALPhANOV, Amplitude Laser Group, Imagine Optic, the CELIA, the LaBRI and the Bergonié Institut) SHOULD lead to the creation of a prototype of mammograph based on the use of intense lasers.
The objective is to allow earlier detection of small breast cancers using weak doses thanks to the use of a new technique of phase contrast imagery made possible by the use of intense laser generated X-ray sources developed as part of the project.
On 29 march, the first image produced with the MetalJet source was obtained by AlphaNov.

Contacts: guillaume.blin@labri.fr and/or vincent.beaudoux@labri.fr

5 aApril 2018 - Course by Mark V. Lawson, Guest Professor at the LaBRI

Professor Mark V. Lawson, from Heriot-Watt University (Edinburgh), an algebraicist, and specialist in formal language theory and inversive semigroups, visiting the LaBRI during April with support from the University of Bordeaux, is giving a series of talks in the context of the EDMI on the extension of «Stone's duality» to the non-commutative case on Monday 9, 16 et 23 April from 2 to 4pm, in room 076.
Stone's duality is a concept connected with many domains of Computing: from automata theory to the semantics of programming languages passing through modelling of complex systems. This series of courses by Mark V. Lawson, whose pedagogical talents are known will allow us to grasp the essential of the associated concepts.

Contact: david.janin@labri.fr

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