19 March 2015 - The GaME project accepted by the Aquitaine Science Transfer investment committee

The GaME project (Game for Music Education) intends to develop a video game for learning music (and instrumental techniques), in which the player's motivation will be maintained thanks to the use of various game mechanisms (gameplay). The GaME project is situated at the intersection of research in social science applied to the understanding of video games and the experience of players (game studies), and computing research dedicated to audio understanding and automatic analysis of musical performance. The GaME video-game will be based on the building blocks of the Guitar Tutor software developed at the LaBRI in 2011 (see screen capture), and should arrive, by the end of 2015, at a finished product ready to be presented to music schools and regional video-game enterprises.

The research team consists of Myriam Desainte-Catherine, Pierre Hanna and Matthias Robine for the "audio recognition and musical performance analysis" part, and Raphaël Marczak for the "game studies" part and the software development. The project is supervised by Elodie Duru at Aquitaine Science Transfer.

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