03 January 2019 - Art and Science Event: \"The Sense of Time\" and SCRIME concert-meeting, free entry

On Januar 15 2019, at 6pm, in the LaBRI amphi, Jean-Marc Chouvel will give a seminar whose title is: "La conscience du temps est-elle informatisable?".
It will address the mechanisms of our consciousness which contribute to our structuring of events perceived in time so as to give them sense. Jean-Marc Chouvel, composer and musicologist will offer us his vision and his questions on this subject.

The seminar will be followed by a concert-meeting (in the Hémicyclia room). SCRIME and Jean-Michel Rivet have invited Octandre.
- concert: diffusion of acousmatic pieces by Victoire Cid and Paul Husky.
- meeting: a presentation of their works and creative methods and exchanges with the public.

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