HAL : FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • How to submit a publication ?
    • You must have an account : create one, from the HAL website.
    • You may submit a publication with or without the full text.
    • Before submitting a LaBRI research report, ask documentaliste@labri.fr for a report number.
    • See also the HAL FAQ about submissions (in French).
  • How to modify or remove a publication?
    • You may add texts to, or remove, a non-full-text publication.
    • To modify a full-text publication, you have to create a new version.
    • As a rule, a full-text publication may not be removed : to withdraw it, create an "empty" new version (with a comment explaining why it was withdrawn). If it is really necessary to remove it (duplication, copyright difficulties...), ask hal.support@ccsd.cnrs.fr.
  • Do you need help ?
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