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Publications de l'équipe Images et Son pour l'année 2013

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  1. H. Balacey. Mise en place d'une chaîne complète d'analyse de l'arbre trachéo-bronchique à partir d'examen(s) issus d'un scanner-CT : de la 3D vers la 4D. PhD thesis, Université Sciences et Technologies - Bordeaux I, 2013.
  2. P. Cutellic and F. Lotte. Augmented iterations: Integrating neural activity in evolutionary computation for design. In eCAADe 2013, 2013.
  3. L. Paulhac, V.-T. Ta, and R. Mégret. Segmentation d'images par approximation du cheeger cut. In GRETSI, 2013.
  4. H. Nicolas and R. Sicre. Improved gaussian mixture model for the task of object tracking. In IEEE, editor, VISIGRAPP, 2013.
  5. A. Ben Hamida, M. Koubaa, C. Ben Amar, and H. Nicolas. Video pre-analyzing and coding in the context of video surveillance applications. In IEEE, editor, ICME, 2013.
  6. A. Ben Hamida, M. Koubaa, C. Ben Amar, and H. Nicolas. Spatio-temporal video filtering for video surveillance applications. In IEEE, editor, ICME, 2013.
  7. E. Garyfallidis, S. St-Jean, M. Paquette, P. Coupé, and M. Descoteaux. Constrained spherical deconvolution on signal and odf values. In IEEE International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging (ISBI 2013), page 17, 2013.
  8. M. Paquette, E. Garyfallidis, S. St-Jean, P. Coupé, and M. Descoteaux. Particle swarm optimization in multi-tensor imaging. In IEEE International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging (ISBI 2013), page 16, 2013.
  9. E. Garyfallidis, M. Paquette, S. St-Jean, P. Coupé, and M. Descoteaux. Deconvolution enhanced generalized q-sampling 2 and dsi deconvolution. In IEEE International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging (ISBI 2013), page 18, 2013.
  10. J. Jankowski and M. Hachet. Interaction techniques for interactive 3d web environments. In Web3D, 2013.
  11. N. Mellado, P. Barla, G. Guennebaud, P. Reuter, and G. Duquesne. Screen-space curvature for production-quality rendering and compositing. In SIGGRAPH Talk Program. ACM New York, 2013.
  12. D. Janin, F. Berthaut, and M. Desainte-Catherine. Multi-scale design of interactive music systems : the libtuiles experiment. In Sound and Music Computing (SMC), 2013.
  13. F. Berthaut, M. Marshall, S. Subramanian, and M. Hachet. Rouages: Revealing the mechanisms of digital musical instruments to the audience. In New Interfaces for Musical Expression, page 6 pages, 2013.
  14. S. Gorlow, E. Habets, and S. Marchand. Multichannel object-based audio coding with controllable quality. In 2013 IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP 2013), pages 561-565, 2013.
  15. F. Larrue, H. Sauzeon, D. Foloppe, G. Wallet, J.-R. Cazalets, C. Gross, M. Hachet, and B. N'Kaoua. Assessing the impact of automatic vs. controlled rotations on spatial transfer with a joystick and a walking interface in vr. In Interact 2013, 2013.
  16. H. Lu, R. Pacanowski, and X. Granier. Real-time importance sampling of dynamic environment maps. In Eurographics Annual Conference (Short Papers). Eurographics, 2013.
  17. F. Lotte, F. Larrue, and M. Hachet. Bci research at inria bordeaux: making bci designs usable outside the lab. In International BCI meeting, 2013.
  18. H. Boujut, V. Buso, G. Bourmaud, J. Benois-Pineau, R. Mégret, J.-P. Domenger, Y. Gaëstel, and J.-F. Dartigues. Egocentric vision it technologies for alzheimer disease assessment and studies. In RITS - Recherche en Imagerie et Technologies pour la Santé, pages 1-4, 2013.
  19. F. Berthaut, D. Janin, and M. Desainte-Catherine. libtuile : un moteur d'exécution multi-échelle de processus musicaux hiérarchisés. In Journées d'Informatique Musicale, pages 45-50, 2013.
  20. J. Jankowski and M. Hachet. A survey of interaction techniques for interactive 3d environments. In Eurographics 2013 - STAR, 2013.
  21. S. Gorlow and S. Marchand. On the informed source separation approach for interactive remixing in stereo. In 134th Audio Engineering Society (AES) Convention, 2013.
  22. C. Coutrix, G. Riviere, K. Borgiel, J. Castet, N. Couture, U. Brygg, G. Jens, P. Reuter, N. Takouachet, C. Kolski, S. Lepreux, J. Legardeur, S. Kubicki, Y. Jansen, and A. Bouadid. Methods for designing tangible ui: A first comparative case study. In Seventh International Conference on Tangible, Embedded and Embodied Interaction, 2013.
  23. O. Augereau, N. Journet, and J.-P. Domenger. Semi-structured document image matching and recognition. In Document Recognition and Retrieval, pages 1-12, 2013.
  24. F. Lotte, J. Faller, C. Guger, Y. Renard, G. Pfurtscheller, A. Lécuyer, and R. Leeb. Combining bci with virtual reality: Towards new applications and improved bci. In B. Z. Allison, S. Dunne, R. Leeb, J. D. R. Millán, and A. Nijholt, editors, Towards Practical Brain-Computer Interfaces:. Springer, 2013.
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  28. V. Rodolphe, L. Barthe, G. Guennebaud, M.-P. Cani, D. Rohmer, B. Wyvill, O. Gourmel, and M. Paulin. Implicit skinning: Real-time skin deformation with contact modeling. ACM Transaction on Graphics (TOG). Proceedings of ACM SIGGRAPH, 2013.
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  30. T. Tong, R. Wolz, P. Coupé, J. V. Hajnal, and D. Rueckert. Segmentation of mr images via discriminative dictionary learning and sparse coding: Application to hippocampus labeling. NeuroImage, 2013.
  31. S. Hu, J. C. Pruessner, P. Coupé, and D. L. Collins. Volumetric analysis of medial temporal lobe structures in brain development from childhood to adolescence. NeuroImage, 74C:276-287, 2013.
  32. B. De Araujo, G. Casiez, J. Jorge, and M. Hachet. Mockup builder: 3d modeling on and above the surface. computer & graphics, 2013.
  33. M. Hachet, J.-B. De La Rivière, J. Laviole, A. Cohé, and S. Cursan. Touch-based interfaces for interacting with 3d content in public exhibitions. IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, 33(2):80-85, 2013.
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  35. L. Bonnet, F. Lotte, and A. Lécuyer. Two brains, one game: Design and evaluation of a multi-user bci video game based on motor imagery. IEEE Transactions on Computational Intelligence and AI in games, 2013.
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  38. C. Haegelen, P. Coupé, V. Fonov, N. Guizard, P. Jannin, X. Morandi, and D. L. Collins. Automated segmentation of basal ganglia and deep brain structures in mri of parkinson's disease. International Journal of Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery, 8(1):99-110, 2013.

Années: 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012

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