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Publications de l'équipe Progress pour l'année 2010

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  1. J.-R. Falleri, Z. Azmeh, M. Huchard, and C. Tibermacine. Automatic tag identification in web service descriptions. In WEBIST'10: The International Conference on Web Information Systems and Technology, page 8, 2010.
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  3. F. Morandat, R. Ducournau, and J. Privat. Evaluation de l'efficacité des implémentations de l'héritage multiple en typage statique. In GPL'10: Journées du GDR Génie de la Programmation et du Logiciel, page 15, 2010.
  4. F. Morandat and R. Ducournau. Empirical assessment of c++-like implementation for multiple inheritance. In ECOOP'10: Workshop on the Implementation, Compilation, Optimization of Object-Oriented Languages, Programs and Systems (ICOOOLPS'10), page 5. ACM, 2010.
  5. R. Ducournau and F. Morandat. Towards a full multiple-inheritance virtual machine. In ECOOP'10: Workshop on the Implementation, Compilation, Optimization of Object-Oriented Languages, Programs and Systems (ICOOOLPS'10), page 6. ACM, 2010.
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  9. C. Cassagnes, D. Magoni, C. Hyunseok, and S. Jamin. Etude du passage à l'échelle d'un système pair-à-pair de diffusion télévisuelle. In F. Giroire and D. Mazauric, editors, JDIR, 2010.
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  12. S. Medjiah, T. Ahmed, and F. Krief. Agem: Adaptive greedy-compass energy-aware multipath routing protocol for wmsns. In 7th IEEE Consumer Communications and Networking Conference (CCNC), 2010, pages 1 - 6, 2010.
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  18. J. Briffaut, C. Toinard, and M. Peres. A dynamic end-to-end security for coordinating multiple protections within a linux desktop. In The 2010 International Symposium on Collaborative Technologies and Systems (CTS 2010), pages 509-515, 2010.
  19. J. Albert, T. F. Bissyandé, D. Bromberg, S. Chaumette, and L. Réveillère. Ubipan: A bluetooth extended personal area network. In The 4th International Workshop on Intelligent, Mobile and Internet Services in Ubiquitous Computing(IMIS 2010) colocated with the International Conference on Complex, Intelligent and Software Intensive Systems (CISIS 2010), pages 774-778, 2010.
  20. J. Laval, S. Denier, S. Ducasse, and J.-R. Falleri. Supporting simultaneous versions for software evolution assessment. Journal of Science of Computer Programming, 2010.
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  23. X. Blanc and C. Le Bris. Improving on computation of homogenized coefficients in the periodic and quasi-periodic settings. Networks and Heterogeneous Media, 5(1):1-29, 2010.

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