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Carte Parcoursup

Carte interactive d'aide à la recherche de formations sur la plateforme Parcoursup (800K utilisateurs)

Cette carte interactive permet d’explorer l’ensemble des formations accessibles via Parcoursup. La colonne de gauche permet de sélectionner la filière qui vous intéresse. La colonne centrale donne la liste détaillée des formations en fonction de votre recherche et pour chaque formation : le pourcentage de candidats ayant accepté la formation en fonction de la série de baccalauréat, le taux d’accès, le nombre de places disponibles dans la formation en 2019 et des suggestions de « formations similaires » à la formation recherchée. Enfin, la carte de droite permet de visualiser ces formations et d’affiner votre recherche sur une zone géographique plus précise. En cliquant sur une formation vous pouvez accéder au détail de celle-ci. Lorsqu’il y a trop de formations à afficher : elles sont regroupées et c’est en zoomant sur la carte que vous pouvez les distinguer.


Logiciel de tracking d'activités sportives sous Tizen-OS (2017), disponible sur le samsung store (100K downloads)
Let do running, biking, hiking or racing free only with your watch. Then, fully analyse your workout with its amazing OLED screen. Run4Gear is a 100% standalone application specifically designed for Samsung Smartwatches. Run4Gear is leveraging all the galaxy watch's sensors to record the most accurate measures. No connection to the phone is required and nothing needs to be installed on your phone. Run4Gear is not a commercial product, your data are not sold or shared, nothing goes out from your watch if you do not export your activities to third party apps or use live tracking. Now, only the English language is supported.


Middleware de visualization de données/graphes sur client lourd et client léger.
The rise of Big Data and powerful mobile devices calls for libraries able to render a large number of visual elements and make fast animations without loss of frame rate. We introduce the FATuM library as a middleware for visualization. With a single abstraction for visual elements based on the work of Bertin and adaptation of the double buffering technique, we enable animated visualization of large datasets in native applications and in the browser using the same codebase. Our system does not differentiate animated from static rendering, thus reducing code complexity and guaranteeing smooth animation. We show that our system maintains 60fps for up to 200.000 visual elements in a native application and 30fps for 100.000 visual elements in a web browser.


Logiciel de dessin et d'analyse de graphe (www.tulip-software.org). Second prix au concours Infovis Contest 2004 sur l'analyse des graphes des co-citations.
Tulip is an information visualization framework dedicated to the analysis and visualization of relational data. Tulip aims to provide the developer with a complete library, supporting the design of interactive information visualization applications for relational data that can be tailored to the problems he or she is addressing.
Written in C++ the framework enables the development of algorithms, visual encodings, interaction techniques, data models, and domain-specific visualizations. One of the goal of Tulip is to ease the reuse of components and allows the developers to focus on programming their application. This development pipeline makes the framework efficient for research prototyping as well as the development of end-user applications.


Logiciel de comparaison d'arbre. Second prix au concours Infovis Contest 2003 sur la comparaison d'arbres phylogénétique et de système de fichiers.

EVAT software allows the visualization and navigation for trees. As a consequence, it allows some operations of comparison between trees as finding common subtrees. Find must be understand here as presenting common things with same colors. Overall implemented tools are strongly based on intrinsic combinatorial parameters with as few as possible references to syntactical data. The main idea is to combine automatic methods coming from enumerative combinatorics and the expertise of the eyes for the construction of a valuated navigation (this deal was initiated by Mandelbroot when he points “le retour de l'oeil, seul modèle mathématique dont dispose celui qui cherche à saisir l'inconnu et l'incontrôlable, chassé par Laplace”). One new feature shown in EVAT is a focus-context approach in relation with the drawing. It means that zoom are not done using the classic fisheye algorithm. The drawing is recomputed using the selection and the parameter that the user have choosen. EVAT was constructed under the framework Tulip developed at LaBRI.


Jeux de pang (Turbo Pascal - ASM) publié dans DP Tools CD ASC 26 - 1994 cliquez sur l'image pour essayer l'émulateur js. Attention les claviers AZERTY ne sont pas bien reconnus, seulement les touches du joueur 2 en mode 2 joueurs fonctionnent sur la version js. Tout fonctionne avec l'émulateur dosbox linux. executable dos

Bang is a DOS implementation of the arcade game Pang, which was first released as a coin-op by Mitchell in 1989 and ported to many platforms. In that game, you have to shoot baloons which bounce according to the laws of physics while avoiding being hit by them. If you hit them, they split into two smaller ones. Once they get very small, they will vanish. When you have shot them all, you have finished the level. The next level will feature more baloons to start with, and platform-like obstacles that become increasingly complex.

Bang was the last game of a group that called themselves Bizarre Software, consisting mainly of David Auber (code) and Frederic Sardain (graphics). You can see their portraits on the title screen, morphing into each other. For this project at least they were joined by Julien Touzé, who wrote the music.


Jeux de tetris (Turbo Pascal - ASM) publié dans DP Tools CD ASC 10 - 1993 cliquez sur l'image pour essayer l'émulateur js. Attention les claviers AZERTY ne sont pas bien reconnus, redéfinissez vos touches (menu-keys) pour jouer à la verison js. Tout fonctionne avec l'émulateur dosbox linux. executable dos

Try to make Quadrods as numerous as possible in the first levels and in bonus rounds in order to win bombs.
You can't lose in bonus rounds (they are bonus). So, don't be afraid !
Use your bombs when you need it !
Never panic !!! We have personally finished the 15 rounds.