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  • Fearful symmetry, I. Stewart & M. Golubitsky (2011)
  • The Optics of life, S. Johnsen (2011)
  • Nature’ s Palette, D. Lee (2010)
  • The Physics & Chemistry of ColourK. Nassau (2001)
  • Colour, and the optical properties of materials, R. J. D. Tilley (2000)
  • The Self-made Tapestry, P. Ball (1999)
  • Color and Light in Nature, D. K. Lynch & W. C. Livingston (1995)
  • What light through yonder window breaks?, C. Bohren (1991)
  • Clouds in a Glass of Beer, C. Bohren (1987)
  • Light and Color in the Outdoors, M. Minnaert (1954, 1995 reedition)


  • The Way of the EyeJ. Koenderink (2018)
  • Vision: images, signals and neural networks, J. Herault (2010)
  • Animal Eyes, D. E. Nillson & M. F. Land (2002)
  • Vision Science, S. E. Palmer (1999)
  • The Image and the Eye, E. H. Gombrich (1982)
  • The Ecological Approach to Visual Perception, J. J. Gibson (1979)
  • Art and visual perception, a psychology of the creative eye, R. Arnheim (1954)
  • A Foray into the Worlds of Animals and HumansJ. von Uexküll (1934)


  • Elemental Magic: the art of special effects animation, J. Gilland (2009)
  • Light: science and magic, P. Fuqua, S. Biver, F. Hunter (2007)
  • The animator’s survival Kit, R. Williams (2001)
  • On reflection, J. Miller (1998)
  • Dynamic light and shade, B. Hoghart (1981)
  • Scientific Illustration, F. P. Mueller (1979)
  • Art and Illusion, E. H. Gombrich (1960)


  • From Bacteria to Bach and Back, D. Dennett (2017)
  • Thinking, fast and slow, D. Kahneman (2011)
  • Radical Embodied Cognitive Science, A. Chemero (2011)
  • I am a strange loop, D. Hofstadter (2007)
  • The Emotion Machine, M. Minsky (2006)
  • Consciousness explained, D. Dennett (1991)
  • The Society of Mind, M. Minsky (1986)
  • The Mind’s I, D. Dennett, D. Hofstadter (1981)
  • The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind, Julian Jaynes (1976)


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  • The ClootCrans press: books by Jan Koenderink, on various vision-related topics, freely available
  • Notes from Two Scientific Psychologists: a blog about psychology, strongly inspired by Gibson’s theory
  • Atmospheric phenomena: a blog about unusual phenomena such as rainbows, halos, glories, pilars, etc.
  • a forum for artists who take on the challenge of reproducing complex material appearances in 3D
  • Materia: an active survey of innovative materials (not only their optic properties), a source of inspiration.
  • Daniel Dennett: an enlightening philosopher fond of cognitive sciences who knows how to ask disturbing questions
  • Catsuka (mostly french): a very active survey of any type of animation movies (shorts, features, music videos, etc)
  • 3DVF (french only): a portal for computer graphics artists and tech enthousiasts with very frequent articles and news
  • Conférences expérimentales de l’ESPGG (french only): 11 years of scientific conferences with live experiments!