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PURPOSE: Provide a small standalone application to quickly get the potential of a technique, without having to get into more involved implementation details.
FEATURES: vector graphics tools and viewers, image warping tools, 2D primitive fitting.
Demo: 2D Primitive fitting
Developper: Nicolas Mellado
Downloads: available as an online webGL demo
Limitations: fit of a short polyline, two types of 2D primitives
Demo: ShwarpIt image warping operator
Developpers: George-Pierre Bonneau, Romain Vergne
Downloads: available as an iOS app
Limitations: global control parameters only
WQVGDemo: Quadratic Vector Graphics viewer
Developper: Simon Boyé
Downloads: available as an online WebGL demo
Limitations: no edition, no curved edges.
Demo: Diffusion Curve drawing tool
Developper: Adrien Bousseau
Downloads: available as a Win32 application
Limitations: no image vectorization.



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PURPOSE: Make research innovations available as early as possible and easy to integrate in other pipelines. FEATURES: Multi-scale image and shape analysis, vector graphics, material fitting, spectral rendering.
Developers: Nicolas Mellado, Gautier Ciaudo, Simon Boyé, Gael Guennebaud, Pascal Barla.
Licensing: Mozilla Public License v2


Developpers: Laurent Belcour, Ludovic Courtès, Pascal Barla, Romain Pacanowski
Licensing: Mozilla Public License v2



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PURPOSE: Facilitate the construction of a graphics pipeline on the GPU with a node-based interface. Used for graphics demonstrations, perceptual experiments, research prototypes and teaching.
FEATURES: image and 3D object manipulation, generic GLSL nodes, filtering and color operators, 3D rendering, image reconstruction, etc.
Developpers: Romain Vergne, Gautier Ciaudo, Pascal Barla.
Source code:
Licensing: Mozilla Public License v2

Schwarpit pipeline: simplified implementation of this paper in Gratin.
Developper: Romain Vergne, Pascal Barla, George-Pierre Bonneau, Roland Fleming
Licensing: Mozilla Public License v2


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PURPOSE: Integrate research innovations directly inside existing software. Explore new usages for entertainment or visualization purposes.FEATURES: on-the-fly curvature computation for shading control or visualization, non-photorealistic shading.
radiancescalingPlugin: Radiance scaling for MeshLab
Developper: Romain Vergne
Downloads: Win32 executable, or directly from Meshlab website
Licensing: GNU General Public License
SSCTechnique: Ray-traced Curvature for MODO
Developers: Bastien Perpère, Gael Guennebaud, Pascal Barla, Gregory Duquesne
Downloads: directly available in MODO (starting from 801)
Licensing: commercial
NPRKitv2Technique: X-Toon shading for MODO
Developer: Arnie Cachelin
Downloads: available in NPR kit v2
Licensing: commercial