International Workshop on Javatm for Parallel and Distributed Computing

Held in conjunction with  the
International Parallel 
Distributed Processing Symposium 

(IPDPS 2006)
(April 25-29, 2006, Rhodes Island, Greece)  

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Preliminary Program

9H00 Beginning of workshop
9H00 Welcome, Opening Remarks and Overview of the Workshop 
Serge Chaumette
9H15 Invited Session : To be announced
10H00 Break
10H30 Session 1: Environments and Tools 

High-Level Execution and Communication Support for Parallel Grid Applications in JGrid  
Szabolcs Pota and Zoltan Juhasz

Chedar: Peer-to-Peer Middleware  
Annemari Auvinen, Mikko Vapa, Matthieu Weber, Niko Kotilainen and Jarkko Vuori

The Benefits of Java and Jini in the JGrid System  
Szabolcs Pota and Zoltan Juhasz

12h00 Lunch
13H30 Session 1 (continued) : Environments ans Tools

Exploiting Dynamic Proxies in Middleware for Distributed, Parallel, and Mobile Java Applications  
Willem van Heiningen, Tim Brecht and Steve MacDonald

14H00 Session 2: Enhancing performance

Saburo, a tool for I/O and concurrency management in servers  
Gautier Loyauté, Rémi Forax and Gilles Roussel

Workflow Fine-grained Concurrency with Automatic Continuations  
Giancarlo Tretola and Eugenio Zimeo

15H00 Break
15h30 Session 3: Performance and Test 

Performance Analysis of Java Concurrent Programming: A Case Study of Video Mining System  
Wenlong Li, Eric Li, Tao Wang and Carole Dulong

Fault Injection in Distributed Java Applications  
William Hoarau, Sébastien Tixeuil and Fabien Vauchelles

16H30 Session 4: Numerical Environments ad Applications

More on JACE: New functionalities, New experiments  
Jacques M. Bahi, Stéphane Domas and Kamel Mazouzi

Distributed Monte Carlo Simulation of Light Transportation in Tissue  
Andrew J. Page, Shirley Coyle, Thomas M. Keane, Thomas J. Naughton, Charles Markham and Tomas Ward

17H30 Open Discussion
18H00 End of workshop