International Workshop on Javatm for Parallel and Distributed Computing

Held in conjunction with  the
International Parallel 
Distributed Processing Symposium 

(IPDPS 2002)
(April 15-19, 2002, Fort Lauderdale, Fl., USA) 

Monday, April 15, 2002
9H00 Beginning of workshop
9H00 Welcome, Opening Remarks and Overview of the Workshop 
Serge Chaumette
9H15 Session 1: Supporting Tools and Environments 

A Comparative Study of Parallel and Distributed Java Projects for
Heterogeneous Systems
J. Al-Jaroodi, N. Mohamed, H. Jiang, and D. Swanson

Debugging of Metacomputing Applications
R. Lovas, and V. Sunderam

10H15 Break
10H30 Session 2: Efficiency 

Efficiency of Thread-Parallel Java Programs from Scientific Computing
H. Blaar, M. Legeler, and T. Rauber

Experiences with Retargeting the Java HotSpot
T. Smith, S. Srinivas, P. Tomsich, and J. Park

Tranlating Java to C Without Inserting Class Initialization Tests
Y. Chiba

12H00 Lunch
14H00 Session 3: Distribution and Mobility 

Mobile Active Objects for Highly Dynamic Distributed Computing
G. Fortino, F. Frattolillo, W. Russo, and E. Zimeo

Methodology for Java Distributed and Parallel Programming Using Distributed Collections
V. Felea and B. Toursel

A New Estimation Method for Distributed Java Object Activity
A. Bouchi, R. Olejnik, and B. Toursel

15H30 Break
16H00 Session 4: Communication 

JMPI: Implementing the Message Passing Interface Standard in Java
S. Morin, I. Koren, and C. Mani Krishna

A Scalable and Reliable Multicast Communication Service in Java
J. Cao, P. Leung, and A. Chan

17H00 Open discussions
18H00 End of workshop