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My research develops computer science techniques for large-scale comparative genomics and hierarchical modeling of biological systems to better understand the mechanisms of eukaryote genome evolution and the ways that genes and proteins cooperate to realize cellular functions. In my research team we develop tools and algorithms for comparative genomics of eukaryotic microorganisms, inference of interaction and metabolic networks, and construction of hierarchical stochastic models of cell behavior, using techniques from data-mining, modeling, combinatorial analysis and formal methods.


I am a Directeur de recherche (Senior Research Scientist) at the INRIA, the French National Institute for Computer Science and Control, in the Bordeaux – Sud-Ouest research center.


SB’86 Mathematics, SM.89, Ph.D’94 Computer Science, University of Chicago, Chicago, USA
(Habilitation) HDR’04 Computer Science, Université Bordeaux 1, Bordeaux (Talence), France

Selected Papers

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Razanne Issa
Natalia Golenetskaya
Rodrigo Assar
Nicolás Loira
Hayssam Soueidan PhD 2009
Adrien Goëffon Post-doc 2007-9
Emmanuelle Beyne Ph.D 2008
Julie Bourbeillon Post-doc 2007-8
Florian Iragne Ph.D 2007
Hélène Ferry-Dumazet Post-doc 2006
Isabelle Lesur-Kupin Ph.D 2005

Projects, Contracts, Other Links

MAGNOME team INRIA Bordeaux Sud-Ouest
Génolevures GDR 2354 CNRS
ProteomeBinders 26008 EU FP6
Yeast Systems Biology Network LSHG-CT-2005-018942 EU FP6

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