You can find here the slides of the publications I co-authored. There are also some tutorial slides on tools I maintain.

Breaking Bad? Semantic Versioning and Impact of Breaking Changes in Maven Central (BENEVOL'20)
Fostering the Diversity of Exploratory Testing (ICST'20)
Handling duplicates in Dockerfiles families: Learning from experts (ICSME'19)
Polly: A Language-Based Approach for Change Detection in Web Service Data (ICSOC'17)
Documentation Reuse: Hot or Not? An Empirical Study (ICSR'17)
Diggit tutorial
Habilitation defense
Automated Extraction of Mixins in Cascading Style Sheets (ICSME'16)
Impact of Developer Turnover on Quality in Open-Source Software (FSE'15)
An Empirical Assessment of Bellon’s Clone Benchmark (EASE'15)
Fine-grained and Accurate Source Code Differencing (ASE'14)
Automatic Extraction of Developer Expertise (EASE'14)
Automatic Discovery of Function Mappings between Similar Libraries (WCRE'13)
Find Your Library Experts (WCRE'13)