Insight Framework

The Insight framework is devoted to binary analysis to serve several purposes such as:

  • Binary verification;
  • Reverse-engineering;
  • Binary test cases extraction;
  • Decompilation to higher-level languages;

We aim to have a full and efficient platform to easily try out novel algorithms or techniques. For this, we provide a full C++ framework designed for Unix systems (*BSD, Linux, MacOS X, …) which contains a wide-spectrum binary format loaders (ELF, PE, Mach-O, …), a decoder translating from assembly code (i386 and amd64 for now) into our intermediate language, an interpreter to execute the program over a (potentially abstract) domain and several facilities to simplify, manipulate or transform the graph and the expressions extracted from the original program.

Insight Website


CFGRecovery is a tool based on the Insight framework intended to recover the program control-flow and any information that can be rebuilt in under-approximation. For now, you can find cfgrecovery within the Insight framework source code.

Insight Core Team

  • Emmanuel Fleury;
  • GĂ©rald Point;
  • Aymeric Vincent.