The papers below are grouped by topics. See also my dblp.

  • Vector addition systems
    1. Reachability for Bounded Branching VASS [arxiv]
    2. with Michał Pilipczuk, accepted to CONCUR 2019.
    3. The Reachability Problem for Petri Nets is Not Elementary [arxiv]
    4. with Wojciech Czerwiński, Sławomir Lasota, Ranko Lazić and Jérôme Leroux, accepted to STOC 2019 (best paper award).
    5. Affine Extensions of Integer Vector Addition Systems with States [pdf]
    6. with Michael Blondin and Christoph Haase, CONCUR 2018.
    7. Polynomial-Space Completeness of Reachability for Succinct Branching VASS in Dimension One [pdf]
    8. with Diego Figueira, Ranko Lazić, Jérôme Leroux and Grégoire Sutre, ICALP 2017.
    9. Timed pushdown automata and branching vector addition systems [pdf]
    10. with Lorenzo Clemente, Sławomir Lasota and Ranko Lazić, LICS 2017.
      The journal version is in ACM TOCL.

  • Weighted automata
    1. Weak Cost Register Automata are Still Powerful [arxiv]
    2. with Shaull Almagor, Michaël Cadilhac and Guillermo A. Pérez, DLT 2018.
    3. When is Containment Decidable for Probabilistic Automata? [arxiv]
    4. with Laure Daviaud, Marcin Jurdziński, Ranko Lazić, Guillermo A. Pérez and James Worrell, ICALP 2018.
    5. Pumping lemmas for weighted automata [pdf]
    6. with Cristian Riveros, STACS 2018.
    7. Copyless Cost-Register Automata: Structure, Expressiveness, and Closure Properties [pdf][arxiv]
    8. with Cristian Riveros, STACS 2016.
      The journal version is in JCSS.
    9. Maximal partition logic: towards a logical characterization of copyless cost register automata [pdf]
    10. with Cristian Riveros, CSL 2015.

  • Database related logics
    1. Eliminating recursion from monadic datalog programs on trees [arxiv]
    2. with Joanna Ochremiak and Adam Witkowski, MFCS 2015.
    3. Monadic Datalog and Regular Tree Pattern Queries [pdf]
    4. with Filip Murlak and Adam Witkowski, MFCS 2014.
      The journal version is in ACM TODS.
    5. Decidability of weak logics with deterministic transitive closure [pdf]
    6. with Witold Charatonik and Emanuel Kieroński, CSL-LICS 2014.
    7. Complexity of Two-Variable Logic on Finite Trees [pdf]
    8. with Saguy Benaim, Michael Benedikt, Witold Charatonik, Emanuel Kieronski, Rastislav Lenhardt and James Worrell, ICALP 2013.
      The journal version is in ACM TOCL.