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Founder of Simbals SAS http://www.simbals.com

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ANR Young Researcher SIMBALS

I was Committee Member of the young researcher project SIMBALS granter by the ANR (2007-2010).

See http://simbals.labri.fr for more details

The number of audio documents available on the Internet is highly increasing. New methods for browsing, retrieving or classifying have to be proposed to users. The growing Music Information Retrieval research community identifies and explicates the problems induced by these new methods. One of the key problems of this research area is the estimation of the musical similarity between audio data. In this project, we focus on this difficult and vast problem.

Measuring similarity between sequences is a well-known problem in computer science which has applications in many fields such as computational biology, text processing, optical character recognition, image and signal processing, error correction, pattern recognition, etc. However, musical sequences are characterized by specific properties. That is the reason why developing efficient and accurate algorithms implies to take into account areas such as sound perception and music theory. This emerging research area thus requires interdisciplinary collaborations between experts in the field of audio signal processing, algorithmic, pattern recognition, computer music, music theory, etc.