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Efficient methods for highly parallel timed systems

PhD opening

supervisors: Srivathsan B. (CMI Chennai, India) and Igor Walukiewicz (CNRS, LaBRI, Bordeaux)

This PhD grant is available from September 2017 with standard French financing for 36 months. The thesis is planned to be a joint thesis with Chennai Mathematical Institute and is supported by Idex of Bordeaux University. The supervisors of the thesis will be Igor Walukiewicz at LaBRI, and Srivathsan at CMI.

The subject of the thesis will be theoretical and practical aspects of analysis of timed systems. The correctness of numerous computer systems not only concerns functional correctness, i.e., whether the system computes the expected output given some input, but also non-functional properties such as execution time or energy consumption. The goal of this thesis is to develop new algorithms and tools for verification of timed systems. We will concentrate on development of partial-order reduction techniques for timed verification. These are very powerful techniques proposed for verification of finite state systems, but their transfer to timed setting remains a challenge. Our recent advances, in particular in on-the-fly approximation techniques, give us hope that we will able to find a partial-order reduction algorithm for some classes of timed systems. This will have a very important impact on verification of systems with many parallel components.

Interested candidates should contact:
Igor Walukiewicz,

The deadline for applications is 26th of June 2017



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