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Truth for Science, Beauty for Arts and Usefullness for Students, from Giovanni Bottesini in "Grande méthode complète de contrebasse", 1869, Paris.

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Associate professor in Computer Science at Bordeaux INP, ENSEIRB-MATMECA,
Team leader of the PoSET research project,
with supports from
  • CNRS INS2I as Temporary researcher fellow (12 months, 09/2013 - 08/2014)
  • INRIA Bordeaux Sud-Ouest as Temporary researcher fellow (18 months, 09/2014 - 02/2015, 09/2015 - 02/2016 and 09/2016 - 02/2017)
  • Idex Bordeaux through and Arts and Sciences project support in 2016,
  • and LaBRI, CNRS UMR 5800, 351, Cours de la libĂ©ration, F-33 405, Talence cedex, France (research host institute)
Contact: janin(at)labri.fr or +33 540 00 69 16

Some teaching material (mostly in french) in programing, compiling and category theory.

PoSET Project : homogeneous models and programming languages for heterogeneous interactive temporal media systems

with supports from Bordeaux INP, Inria Bordeaux Sud-Ouest, CNRS INS2I, Idex Bordeaux and UMR LaBRI
How to synchronize, mix, combine, transform temporal media streams as varied as sounds, animations, melodies, videos, while ignoring their nature ? By providing a consistent and robust mathematical modeling, we aim at simplifying the design of interactive timed multimedia application. Polymorphic, this approach could also improve the interoperability between the existing tools. In addition, this research project deals with the modeling of timed and interactive applications in a quite unusual mathematical framework: inverse semigroup theory, connected to more standard approaches such as monad programiong.

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Project INEDIT ANR-12-CORD-009, 2012-2015 (project is over)

with IRCAM (Paris), GRAME (Lyon) and SCRIME (Bordeaux)

The T-calculus in Euterpea and Haskell

Playing with tiled extensions of Paul Hudak's Polymorphic Temporal Media

Applied inverse and quasi-inverse semigroup theory:
overlapping higher-dimensional strings and their languages

Live Tuiles

Towards an interactive live music sequencing software that integrates tiles algebraic structure; in joint work Florent Berthaut@hitmuri.net

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