Meeting Day of the French Regional Network R3IA

19 October 2022

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Three Internships + PhD Opportunities in AI !

(09 November 2022)

Thanks to the "Trustworthy AI" chair that hast just been launched in september 2022, we have three internships opportunities available, **each of them with a secured PhD funding** (one if...

Graduation ceremony for our Enseirb-Matmeca engineers

(28 January 2023)

On Saturday 29 January 2023, we celebrated **the 2021's graduation ceremony** of [Enseirb-Matmeca]( It was an opportunity for each department of the school (and for the computer science department that...

Use-Case AI4Industry Awards

(20 January 2023)

[AI4Industry]( was held from 16 to 20 January 2023 at a multitude of sites in New Aquitaine, with the support of the [R3IA]( which I have been leading since January...

Panel discussion on a trustworthy digital world at Unesco (Université de la terre)

(26 November 2022)

As part of the "Université de la terre" 2022, organised at Unesco, Paris, I was able to take part in panelist discussion, for general audience, on the problems of trust...

The LaBRI web site was unavailale for 4 days

(21 November 2022)

Due to some important construction work around the LaBRI building, a central electrical board exploded, leading to an emergency shutdown of all (yes, all) of the Lab's servers, including the...

Since 2021, the members of the regional AI research network have been initiating numerous actions around Artificial Intelligence (e.g. AI4Industry, Dataquitaine or even IA Pau)

The first meeting took place during the PFIA 2021 in Bordeaux. The aim of these days and of the regional AI network is to stimulate and accelerate the meetings between the different actors of AI in New Aquitaine.

The network will accelerate, with a weekly seminar open to all (stay informed!).

The day was organised on the occasion of the meeting between INRIA and DFKI. The presentations within R3IA were rich:

Thanks again to Frédéric Alexandre and Nicolas Roussel (INRIA, Bordeaux) for the organisation of these days!

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