Bordeaux roadmap / Projects evaluation

It's worth studying this grid a bit, so you can get better grades – just imagine you have to grade your colleagues' work, or your own, after all.

Projects will be evaluated according to several criterion, each of them being assigned a grade [1, 5], interpreted in accordance with the criteria. The interpretation suggested here should not be taken too strictly, they are meant to give a flavor of what makes a difference between assigning a 2 or a 3, instead of a 3 or a 4, for instance.

Grades & possible interpretations
Criteria 1 2 3 4 5
Difficulty of problem addressed / questions asked Easy Requires some thinking but answer is straightforward Requires some thinking and average work Tricky, requires non obvious work Difficult, probably impossible to answer satisfactorily in given time
Implicit difficulty of dataset used Straightforward, not much work Required work but obvious solution Required work, inventive solution Needed non obvious combination of ideas and tools Difficult, probably needed too much time
Visualization (effort) Relatively easy, relied on ready-made solutions Good combinations of existing ideas and algorithms but could do better Some thinking, a mixture of ready-made and custom visualization, pretty good end result Astute and creative, pleasant and relevant Seems new, required non obvious work
Visualization (quality) Many things wrong, ended producing misleading graphical views Many things need to be fixed (wrong colormap, wrong mapping for size, wrong algorithms used, etc.) Overall OK, with only minor things to improve or add Very good impression, clean colormap choices, shapes, relevant layouts, etc. Additional aesthetics, almost close to professional graphics design
Visualization (creativity) None really Combining existing viz was a good idea Unusual use of existing algorithm and/or customization Astute solution, demonstrate mastery of ideas and techniques Clearly exhibit a creative mind
Visualization (relevancy) Didn't help much to solve the problem / answer questions Only gave a hint about a possible solution Was able to provide a non-surprising answer, with no real convincing arguments Clearly allowed to provide a firm answer to problem Brought additional insights on the problem
Written document (wiki) Poor, hardly readable or usable Contains everything it should, but needs to be reworked to be usable Globally OK but could be improved Good job, reads well Extremely well crafted, could even be published as a blog as is
Evaluation (discussion) Poor, confusing Everything seems to be there, but unorderly making it hard to grasp the work Globally OK, could improved (showing better images, emphasizing the right things, etc.) Good presentation, well balanced, lively, got all the information in the right order, straight to the point Entertaining, attractive, intellectually challenging discussion
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