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Visual Analytics Course

Instructors: Guy Melançon (email: Guy dot Melancon at labri dot fr), Bruno Pinaud (email: Bruno dot Pinaud at labri dot fr)

Bordeaux roadmap 2013-2014 / Project' corner

  • This is where we'll keep private access to project related stuff.
  • Each project group has its own area to store and submit project documents

Have a look at the evaluation grid we'll be using to evaluate your work.

Have a look at the term project defense schedule.

Thomas Bandres & Jean Bui-Quang - Drawing dynamic networks I

Guillaume Baud-Berthier & Thibault Godin - Comparing graph structures

Thomas Bellito - Graph Clustering and Minimum Cut Trees

Marc de Blanchaud & Marie Brout - Drawing dynamic networks II

Boutoille Paul-Emile & Dufau Bastien - Citation network analysis

Thibault Dayris & Jonathan Melius - Visual feedback from MDS projection

Clément Delestre & Cynthia Perier - Graph Drawing: Large Layered graph Visualization

Alexandre Delesse & Joris Valette - Simmelian backbone of a network

Etcheverry Jeremy & Farau Romain - Graph Drawing: The SHriMP visualization technique

Paul Mahéva Marajo & Maeva Veyssiere - Centralité basé sur des motifs

Guillaume Meral & Pierre Chanson - Data Analysis and Visualization: Enron email datasets

Paul Maribon Ferret & Tatiana Rocher - Marvel: Hero Social Network

Matthias Monfort & Sami El Hilali - One-mode projection of networks

Sarah Parant and Raphaël Mora - Social Graph analysis: Marvel universe social graph

Claire Pennarun & Alexandre Mourany - Community structure of networks and Louvain algorithm

Valentina Pestova & Guillaume Guerin de Tourville - Graph drawing on the GPU

David Pineda & Diallo Thierno - The FP7 network

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