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 Instructor: Bruno Pinaud Instructor: Bruno Pinaud
-Drawing more complicated graphs+Working session on the homework #2.
 === Friday, October 19 (week 42) === === Friday, October 19 (week 42) ===
 Instructor: Guy Melançon Instructor: Guy Melançon
-"​Drawing multi-dimensional datasets"​+"​Drawing multi-dimensional datasets"​. The course covered all material of the [[:​high-dimensional_data|High-dimensional datasets]]. Parts of the course were left as exercises, mainly to implement the PCA and MDS algorithms we discussed. The Cars dataset was used to illustrate the ideas and algorithms.
 +Code is now available from the [[:​pca|PCA]] and [[:​mds|MDS]] sections (see the exercises subsections).
 === Friday, October 26 (week 43) === === Friday, October 26 (week 43) ===
 Instructors:​ Guy Melançon Instructors:​ Guy Melançon
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 Downsizing data, cutting networks into pieces - part I Downsizing data, cutting networks into pieces - part I
 +The course will cover the [[:​clustering_agregation|Huygens Ward theorem, the K-means and CURE algorithms]]. Most of your time shall be devoted to implementing the CURE algorithm and track for the best clustering of the Cars dataset.
 === Friday, November 9 (week 45) === === Friday, November 9 (week 45) ===
 Instructors:​ Bruno Pinaud Instructors:​ Bruno Pinaud
 Divide and conquer - drawing and manipulating graph hierarchies with Tulip Divide and conquer - drawing and manipulating graph hierarchies with Tulip
 +We will use the following file to play with graph hierarchies {{:​bordeaux:​infovis_clean.tlpx|}}. The work to do is described in this document {{:​bordeaux:​hierarchies.pdf|}}.
 === Friday, November 16 (week 46) === === Friday, November 16 (week 46) ===
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 === Friday, December 7 (week 49) === === Friday, December 7 (week 49) ===
-Instructor: ​Bruno Pinaud+Instructor: ​Guy Melançon
 Term project - II Term project - II
 === Friday, December 14 (week 50) === === Friday, December 14 (week 50) ===
-Instructor: ​Guy Melançon+Instructor: ​Bruno Pinaud
 Term project - III Term project - III
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