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Visual Analytics Course

Bordeaux roadmap / Homework 2

Your job is to implement a tree layout algorithm. You must implement the algorithm, and additionally animate the transition onto this layout, starting from a classical node-link top-bottom tree layout (Walker's algorithm). Typically, for the onion graph layout, nodes should slowly move towards the box into which they fit, nodes sitting higher in the hierarchy should be expanded into boxes to include their subtrees, and so forth.

The assignments student/algorithm were drawn at random.

Remember that you need to submit your work on October 15 (Monday), before 9am, at the latest.

Student Article/Algorithm
Badiola Clément H-tree
Cassan Elodie Icicle plots
Da Silva Samuel Icicle plots
Djemiel Christophe H-tree
Farhat Cedric H-tree
Faux Thomas Onion trees
Gachet Emilie Onion trees
Gillet Noel Onion trees
Jolliet Simon Onion trees
Lanterne Célestin H-tree
Le Levière Aurélie Icicle plots
Lyazidi Reda Icicle plots
Mahler Sébastien Icicle plots
Marmiesse Lucas Onion trees
Mola Sarai Onion trees
Moreaud Nicolas H-tree
Nader Georges H-tree
Ndoye Abdallah Icicle plots
Oudot Maxime Onion trees
Perrot Alexandre H-tree
Randriamanana Franck H-tree
Ruffet Vincent Icicle plots
Yacouba Diakite Kaba Cheikna Onion trees
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