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Visual Analytics Course

Instructors: Guy Melançon (email: Guy dot Melancon at labri dot fr), Bruno Pinaud (email: Bruno dot Pinaud at labri dot fr)

Bordeaux roadmap 2012-2013 / Assignments, term projects and evaluation


Homework are short exercises challenging you with notions, concepts or algorithms. You are each time asked to deliver something and upload it on the wiki. Private pages will be built for each one of you.

Semester assignment / Term (team) project

  • The goal of the project is to conduct a full scale visual data analysis using Tulip's plug-ins and scripting.
    • You must find a publicly available dataset and a set of questions/issues that may be addressed using it and analyzing it.
    • You job is to put up wiki pages providing context on the issues and data. Upload the data and provide a link to its source.
    • Use images and/or videos to illustrate your conclusions (answers to questions), Tulip files and/or scripts.
    • A user should be able to reproduce your work and reach your conclusions using the data and all information you provide.
  • Ideas for datasets:
    • IEEE VAST past Annual Contests (search Google using keywords “IEEE VAST Contest” 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011) – also look at the awarded solutions
    • The Stanford large network collection is a gem of fun datasets. Have a look ! Most of these datasets are time-stamped which makes their analysis quite challenging.
      • Wikipedia Stanford dataset Votes came partly from admin, partly from “ordinary” users. Can we distinguish different patterns in he way the votes took place ? Use network analysis to conduct a “political”-like analysis of this election.
      • How about looking at peer-to-peer network? Do you see patterns?
      • How about looking at co-purchasing on Amazon? Do you think you can draw customer profiles?
    • Want to become rich by solving a Kaggle challenge ?

Act quickly. Teams (2 persons) must be formed ASAP. Notify us by email <Guy dot Melancon at labri dot fr> or <Bruno dot Pinaud at labri dot fr> as teams form.

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