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Visual Analytics Course

Instructors: Guy Melançon (email: Guy dot Melancon at labri dot fr), Bruno Pinaud (email: Bruno dot Pinaud at labri dot fr)

Bordeaux roadmap 2012-2013 / Students' corner

  • This is where we'll keep private access to course related stuff.
  • Each student will get access to its own private area where homework will be uploaded/edited
  • Eventually, project group will get their own group area

Please have a look at the overall comments I made on your first Homework - many of you deserved the same remarks.

Clément Badiola

Elodie Cassan

Samuel Da Silva

Christophe Djemiel

Cedric Farhat

Thomas Faux

Emilie Gachet

Noël Gillet

Simon Jolliet

Cheikna Yacouba Diakite Kaba

Célestin Lanterne

Aurélie Le Lièvre

Reda Lyazidi

Sébastien Mahler

Lucas Marmiesse

Sarai Mola

Nicolas Moreaud

Georges Nader

Abdallah Ndoye

Maxime Oudot

Jonathan Pautrizel

Alexandre Perrot

Franck Randriamanana

Vincent Ruffet

Guy Melançon

Corrections des devoirs

Les corrections sont (ou seront) accessibles sur vos pages, des commentaires (en rouge) seront apposées directement sur vos copies/wikis.

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