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Homework 1 :

I will discuss about windirstat, a Disk space visualisation tool. It scans our hard drive and represents each file in a treemap as rectangles of different colors given the file type.

Which informations can we find on one of these treemaps ?

- Colors represents the file type :

  • Colors are easily distinguishables

- Rectangles sizes are proportional to the file they represent

  • We can immediatly see which files are the biggest.

- Adjacent rectangles are part of the same directory

  • Probably the least noticeable information but also the least important.

- Clicking on a directory in the menu shows a white rectangle delimitating its content

  • being able to highlight a directory can be very usefull, and compensate the lack of visibility of the previous point.

- According to the programs website, the small bleaches on the rectangles are supposed to represent the directory structures.

  • At first sight, we think that they are just ornemental and the information is not understandable.
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