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Admin Duties / Research

I collect here the list of duties I took in charge, mostly managing or animating a research group. Other information traditionally falling under this section can be found in the Expertise section.

My career timeline shows most of the duties I endorsed since I was appointed University professor in 2000.


  • (French) Visualization Working Group. I am involved (with Wilfrid Lefer at LUPPA and other colleagues) in the (national) Visualization working group. This group is intended to bring together people with background in Scientific Visualization and those with a background in Information Visualization. It gathers people belonging to (one of or all) two national research initiatives, the IG-RV (Infographics and Virtual Reality) group and the I3 (Intelligence Interaction Information) former group (now undergoing a re-foundation process).
  • I am involved in some of the activities of the (French) Visualization and Mining Working Group created at the initiative of two scientific societies, namely EGC and AFIHM.


  • 2006 – 2012 I headed the GRAVITE (Bordeaux Sud-Ouest) INRIA team.
    • Team size: the team grew from 4 permanent researcher (University of Bordeaux staff 2 PR, 1 MCF, 1 IGR) in 2006, to about 15 members (2 PR, 3 MCF, 1 IGR, 4 IG under contract, 6 PhDs/post-doc) in 2012.
    • Milestones.
      • The team was evaluated in September 2011, and got very positive reviews as well as very useful advice for its future development.
      • The team was not renewed, as some of its members preferred to be solely affiliated with LaBRI.
  • 2007 – 2011 I headed the MABioVis CNRS team at LaBRI.
    • Team size: As of 2009, about 45 people.
      • Permanent staff: 4 PR, 9 MCF, 2 CR, 2 IGR.
      • Non permanent staff: 18 PhDs, 2 ATER, 3 post-doc, 5 IG
    • Milestones.
      • The 2009 AERES evaluation assigned us A on reviewing our past work (2005 – 2009), and A+ on the project (2009 – 2014) we put forward.
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