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I am grateful to these young researchers whom I had the opportunity to work with.

PhD students

  • Jason Vallet (awarded PhD December 7, 2017)
    • Co-advisor (40% – 60%) with Bruno Pinaud
    • MNERT scholarship (contrat doctoral)
    • Reviewers: Vladimir Bataglej, University of Ljubljana, SLovenia; Benoit Otjacques, LIST, Luxembourg.
    • Jason worked on the visualization of dynamic graphs emerging from the simulation of complex systems. Those systems are modeled as graph rewriting rules. Simulating the application of rules deploys a whole tree of evolving graphs. The challenge for the modeler is to find an optimal set of rules and test it against various measurements. Visualizing how the rule dictates the evolution of the system, looking at the different paths the system can follow before reaching any given state, models can be easily fine-tuned and validated. This challenging environment calls for astute methods dealing with the visualization of dynamic graphs.
  • Benjamin Renoust (awarded PhD December 18, 2013)
    • Co-advisor (50% – 50%) with Marie-Luce Viaud
    • Funded through ANRT, CIFRE INA
    • Reviewers: Georges Grinstein, University of Massachussetts at Lowell, USA; Fabien Gandon, INRIA Sophia Antipolis.
    • Benjamin looked at various phenomena through the lens of multiplex networks, in which catalysts are drivers of the interaction through substrates. Looking at how edges intertwine, Benjamin was able to design methods complementing traditional network approaches: the entanglement homogeneity and intensity of the multiplex network, and the catalyst interaction network, with for each catalyst, an entanglement index.
    • Benjamin is now Assistant Professor at Osaka University in Japan.
  • Maurin Nadal (awarded PhD December 16, 2013)
    • Advisorship 100% with me
    • MNERT scholarship (contrat doctoral).
    • Assistance à l'utilisateur novice dans le cadre du dessin de graphe à l'aide de méthodes d'apprentissage (bientôt sur TEL)
    • Reviewers: Gilles Venturini, Université de Tours, FR; Pascale Kuntz, LINA, Université de Nantes.
    • Maurin looked at potential solutions to provide support to novice users, offering them a variety of drawings of a same graph. To provide a large enough panel of drawings of a same graph, Nadal relies on a highly parametrized version of a force-directed layout algorithm (GEM). A genetic algorithm then handles the parameter space to optimize the search and provide insightful outputs.
    • Maurin is foreseeing to get a job as R&D engineer in the Lyon area.
  • Arnaud Sallaberry (awarded PhD October 18, 2011)
  • Faraz Zaidi (awarded PhD October 28, 2010) (advisorship 100% with me).
    • Advisorship 100% with me
    • Funded through the SFERE Pakistan scholarship and INRIA.
    • Reviewers: Neil Hurley, Clique cluster, Trinity College Dublin, IE; Roger Guimera, Univ. Rovira i Virgili, ES).
    • Faraz is now Associate Professor at PAF Kiet, Pakistan – Faraz is visiting scientist at University of Lausanne this year).
  • Pierre-Yves Koenig (awarded PhD September 8, 2009) (advisorship 100% with me).
  • Fabien Jourdan (awarded PhD December 7, 2004)
    • Co-advisor 75% (me) – 25% with Jacques Marti (Université Montpellier 2)
    • MNERT scholarship
    • Information Visualization: drawings, structural measures and navigation. Applications to biology networks and social networks
    • Reviewers: Tamara Munzner, Univ. British Columbia, CA; Antoine De Daruvar, Univ Bordeaux 2, FR).

My first ever advisorship experience (Thanks Scott!) was with:

  • Scott Marshall (awarded PhD June 8, 2001)
    • Co-advisor 50% – 50% with Ivan Herman, CWI, Amsterdam, NL
    • Methods and Tools for the Visualization and Navigation of Relational Data
    • Reviewers: Yves Chiricota, Univ. du Québec à Chicoutimi, CA; David Duke, Univ Bath, UK).
    • Scott is now with the Leiden University Medical Center.

I also took part in other PhD project, as co-advisor and senior collaborator (as is requested in French universities when a PhD student is working under the guidance of an associate professor), without acting as primary mentor:

Master's degree students

I do not always submit project proposals for master's students. The reason is quite simple. Given the very short timeframe within which the master's degree research project must undergo, I feel the mentor needs to be fully available for the student during the whole duration of the project (extending from April till June/July) – which I cannot always guarantee. I nevertheless had a chance to work with brilliant candidates:

  • Jocelyn Forest, spring 2013, Telecom Nancy (ESIAL). Now working as IT consultant.
  • Léo Guignard, spring 2011, Université Bordeaux I. Now working as PhD student in Montpellier (advisor Christophe Godin, INRIA, Montpellier).
  • Arnaud Sallaberry, spring 2005, Université Bordeaux I. Now associate professor in Montpellier (after PhD with me).
  • Pierre-Yves Koenig, spring 2005, Université Montpellier 2. Now expert IT consultant at Valtech, Toulouse (after PhD with me).
  • Benjamin Coste, spring 2003, Université Montpellier 2. Now expert software designer and developer at Pikko.
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